Category F03. Brand Communication
Product/ServiceS7 AIRLINES
Production ISD GROUP Kiev, UKRAINE
Production 2 KA.KA.HA London, UNITED KINGDOM
Additional Company ISD GERMANY Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Eric Quennoy Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Executive Creative Director
Mark Bernath Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Executive Creative Director
Joe Burrin Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Creative Director
Evgeny Primachenko Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Creative Directors
Teresa Montenegro Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Art Director
Gustav von Platen Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Interactive Designer
Jake Barnes Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Copywriter
Annika Taneja Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Copywriter
Kelsie Van Deman Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Head of Interactive Production
Martin Weigel, Alexandre Janneau Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Planner
Clare Pickens Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Group Account Director
Jorge Fesser Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Account Director
Yulia Prokhorova Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Account Manager
Lizzie Murray Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Head of Studio
Cory Chonko Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Project Manager
Kacey Kelley Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Business Affairs
Viktor Shkurba ISD Group Creative Director
Mikhael Traverse ISD Group UX Director
Alexander Savin ISD Group Technical Director
Andrew Sergeev ISD Group Head of Development
Dmitriy Myshnev ISD Group Head of Engineering
Olha Muzychenko, Svitlana Mironchuk, Natalia Tachinskaya, Ilona Lutsenko, Alexan ISD Group Producers
Max Hurov, Egor Tatarenko, Zakhar Kozoliy, Aleksei Komarov, Vladimir Veshtak ISD Group Designers
Ihor Tulub, Anton M. Viktorovich ISD Group Tech Creative
Marina Petrenko, Daniil Kurbatov ISD Group Film Producers
Nikita Kuzmenko, Yan Kasyanov, Dmitriy Stupin ISD Group Director of Photography
Joe Roberts Freelancer Director
Job Kraaijeveld Freelancer Director Of Photography
Pavel Ananich Freelancer Producer
Benjamin Putland Freelancer Editor

The Campaign

For decades, humanity has sent out rovers to explore the planets we couldn’t. But for most people, the real undiscovered planet is our own. To encourage people to explore the best planet we know we created EARTH7 – a space rover destined for Earth. Revealed at a public event in Moscow, EARTH7 created a portal from Moscow to the world. The augmented reality game combined cutting-edge technology with simple gesture control. This interactive experience enabled people to pilot the unique rover and explore a remote desert 5000 km away. Seated in front of a huge screen transmitting a live stream from EARTH7’s cameras, participants were able to remote control the 75kg machine with just a flick of the wrist. Each participant driving the rover had the opportunity to win return tickets to any S7 destination worldwide.

Creative Execution

EARTH7 space rover was designed to operate autonomously through the day of live gaming experience, to survive unpredictable human movements and to drive on a rough desert surface for hours without stopping. The rocker-bogie suspension with aluminum wheels helped the 75kg machine to overcome obstacles upto 40cm and to drive on slopes of upto 45 degrees. The rover body was developed in a way to protect all devices required for EARTH7’s operation from sharply changing dessert weather conditions (rough temperature drops over the day and night, wind and rain gusts). But, after all, rover is still a part of a game. We wanted the design to be determined not only by technical requirements, but also by visual aesthetics. Aluminium body with slightly cut edges helps to achieve a smooth streamlining feeling. Besides protecting the battery block from damage, the back wings make a visual connection with aerodesign forms.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The EARTH7 activation succeeded in not only putting the wonder back into travel, but drove fame and sales for S7 Airlines: 123% sales increase via S7’s website 70% increase in visits to 32% increase in brand awareness 5M+ organic film views across S7’s owned brand and social channels

EARTH7 aimed to inspire all Russians to travel, however the core target were people 30+ who have never flown before. EARTH7 was the interactive activation at the heart of ‘The Best Planet’ – an integrated campaign including film, print, OOH, radio and digital activations. It was revealed at an event in Moscow two months following the campaign’s launch. During this interactive gaming experience, participants driving the rover had the opportunity to win tickets for two to any S7 destination worldwide, if they could collect three samples of life on Earth. From jamón to kite-surfing, over 50 samples were rendered on top of the rover’s live video stream in a dynamically generated gaming interface. Each representative of a destination that S7 flies too, these samples of life served as a reminder that from famous attractions to experiences, there are so many amazing things to discover when we travel.