Short List
Category D06. Live Events
Media Placement EDELMAN London, UNITED KINGDOM
Production UNIT9 London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Jamie Cordwell Edelman Associate Creative Director
Prashant Yadave Edelman Planner
Fiona Berwick Edelman Director
Sophie Rhatigan Edelman Associate Director
James Donovan Edelman Account Director
Waiming Wee Edelman Producer
A Common Future Unit9 Director
Tom Elliott Unit9 Director Of Photography
Simon Reichel Unit9 Editor
Harry Starkey-Midha Unit9 Producer
Nurjan Nevzat Unit9 Production Manager
Joe Youens Unit9 Production Assistant
Chris Banks Unit9 Sound design and composer
Ben Hooper Edelman Head of Content

The Campaign

Get Londoners to move more and feel the benefits of exercise by making physical activity as easy and accessible as possible for everyone and the antidote to overcoming the stresses of urban life. The most common of these stresses, backed by research,was the commute on the tube. What if, rather than the ordinary commute, we inspired people to put on a pair ASICS and run part or all of the distance instead? Run the Tube is the ultimate antidote to rail shut down this Summer. A touring multisensory 85m light installation tunnel which rewards those who move. Starting with a launch at a closed Waterloo station, commuters swap train tracks for running tracks. Stuffy air, for fresh air. Engine power for human power. Ultimately ending with all Londoners arriving at their destination feeling better, because when you move your body, you move your mood.

Creative Execution

Run the Tube was an 85m multisensory experience, made from hoops of light that respond to music being played. The experience had two curated soundscapes, designed to lift people up in the morning and relax in the evening. Over nine days, Run The Tube toured three public London locations, each targeting a different audience. . August 2-4: Leake Street Tunnel, due to its close proximity to Waterloo. Filling the length of the tunnel, Run the Tube offered runners, cyclists and pedestrians a mood boosting commute to and from work and university. August 4-7: Queen Elizabeth Park for the opening of the IAAF World Championships, offering families a fun experience during the weekend and entertaining those attending the late night sessions. August 7-10: Run the Tube took over a path across Clapham Common, one of London’s most visited parks, targeting sports teams, commuters, walkers and the abundance of 18-30 year olds.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

his was one of ASICS’ most successful global campaigns - 4.8 campaign video views. - 9.7m social engagements. - 1.7m campaign engagements. - 19m social impressions. - 5.8k Runkeeper sign-ups. - 12.5k participants taking part in Run The Tube. - 22m partnered impressions. - £12.5k store sales driven by Metro promotion - 57 pieces of earned coverage with 5.1m opportunities to see. - 7% increase in purchase consideration during the campaign. - 4% increase in awareness.

ASICS wanted to breakaway from their core running audience who already know and love them, and introduce their brand to a new audience. Our strategy was to understand the barriers that prevent them from exercising and create an activation that got people moving. We were clear from the start that we can’t just tell people to move, we needed a strategy and creative idea that actually got people moving. We commissioned fresh research on barriers to movement and causes of stress in our audience’s lives and we identified the daily commute to work a big barrier. This became the jumping off point for the creative idea. We then used a blend of paid, earned and owned media spanning partnerships with Spotify, TimeOut & the Metro to get our message out to our audience.