Category B02. Promotional Item Design
Name Company Position
Arnaud Delebecque; Andreea Culcea; Xavier Hourdeau ;Nathalie Fiancette Renault Corporate Advertiser managers
Marcelo Vergara, Cédric Guéret PUBLICIS CONSEIL Executive Creative Directors
Jean-Laurent Py / Cédric Auzannet / Pierrick Lamoureux PUBLICIS CONSEIL Senior Copywriter / Senior Art Director / 3D
Adrien Dumont, Domitille Bouvier, Grégoire Bautier, Lisa Wey PUBLICIS CONSEIL Account managers
Filippo Del’Osso, Nicolas Izel PUBLICIS CONSEIL Planning
Jean Paul Frenay xx Director
Prodigious / Audrey Lagnous, Mathieu Gérard, Nicolas Bossu Prodigious Production House / 3D Production
Fabien Cornec / Aaron Fuks Prodigious Sound Producer / Film Editor
Manuel Henoque, Romain Guilbert, Melissa Adali, Sarah Vavasseur Prodigious Producers
Solveig Pastor, Tara Galy Nadal Prodigious Post-production
Matthieu Royer (Prodigious) / Fanny Bilani, Arthur Paux, Olivier Zibret, Benoit Prodigious / REEPOST 3D Post-production
Marcelo Baldin Combustion studio Sound Design
Dorothée Sorbier, Aurélien Farrobbia, Yoann Bouchard, Jérémy Maillard, Camille L Prodigious Graphistes
Publicis Conseil, 4uatre Publicis Conseil, 4uatre Visual Production
Masato Rieser xx Director CASE PROD.
Fabien Cornec xx Sound Producer CASE PROD.
Prodigious Prodigious Production House CASE PROD.
Audrey Lagnous, Mathieu Gérard, Nicolas Bossu Producers : Manuel Henoque, Romain Prodigious 3D Production CASE PROD.
Solveig Pastor, Tara Galy Nadal Prodigious Post-production CASE PROD.
Matthieu Royer (Prodigious) / Fanny Bilani, Arthur Paux, Olivier Zibret, Benoit Prodigious 3D Post-production CASE PROD.

The Campaign

We decided to revive a not so well known story. A story that says it all about Renault’s state of mind. When Renault first revved its engines in 1977, it was quite harsh. Their first car’s recurring technical problems often led to an overheated and smoking back end. Its performance earned their competitor’s cruel nickname of “The Yellow Teapot”. But Renault’s team worked even harder, despite the mockery, and won their first Grand Prix just two years later. We told this story by reviving the legend of The Yellow Teapot - in our own witty way – creating a real Yellow Teapot: The 2017 Yellow Teapot, and making it the official teapot of the Renault Formula One team.

Creative Execution

First, the Yellow Teapot. A real tea pot, CE marked, so certified for public use. Taking inspiration from both the 1977 and the 2017 F1 cars designs and using the same steel, carbon fiber and paint as the original cars. The design has been made in close collaboration with Renault’s design team. The 2017 Yellow Yeapot became the official teapot of the Renault Formula One Team. To cheer with fans as well, the 2017 Yellow teapot has been displayed (and still is) at Renault’s flagship store, in Paris (Champs-Elysées) and a Limited Edition has been specially made and sold online and instore to the public. A film with Jean-Pierre Jabouille, the driver of the 1977 yellow teapot, and a making of, was introducing the creation of the 2017 Yellow Teapot. This content has been shared through Social Medias.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The creation of 2017 Yellow Teapot have been widely shared in the world of automobile and racing (TopGear, Eurosport, Turbo, Automoto, Motorlegend….) but also in a more unexpected News&lifestyle world (GQ, Marie-France, Wired, Le Monde, Le Parisien…) allowing Renault F1 to reach a wider public than usual. The campaign ended up with more than 60 million impressions. The video content got more than 10 million views. Social listening comes up with a 99% positive interaction rate as well as an engagement rate 6 times higher than the regular Renault’s bench (from 0,11% to 0,65%). The announce of the sale of the Limited Edition at l’Atelier Renault led to a “never seen before” (Renault’s words) number of calls, and emails for pre-reservation. A success that is pushing Renault to examine the mass-production of the teapot.

Renault has always been passionate about racing, never forgetting to be humble and have a self-mockering sense of humour. So when the time come to celebrate a 40 years’ anniversary in Formula One, we decided to take a bold move and celebrate a 40-Year-Old failure. Telling a story that only Renault can tell, a story that made an entire history: The Yellow Teapot. And gently thumbing their nose at those who didn’t believe in them, 40 years ago. The creation of the teapot was also the opportunity to reach a different public, in addition to Renault’s fans and F1 lovers. A public that could be interested by the approach, the design, the product itself.