Bronze Eurobest
Product/ServiceFUEL TV
Category F03. Brand Communication
Name Company Position
Edson Athayde FCB LISBON Chief Executive Officer
Luis Silva Dias FCB International Chief Executive Officer
Viton Araújo FCB LISBON Creative Director
Rodrigo Burdman FCB LISBON Art Director
João Martins FCB LISBON Designer
Eduardo Pastor FCB LISBON Art Director
Mario Patrocínio BRO Cinema Film Director
Pedro Patrocínio BRO Cinema DOP
Ricardo Marques Bio Boards Production Designer
Paulo Costa O Menino Grava Sound Design Arrangement
Claudio Jordão KotoStudios 3D Artist

The Campaign

Cobblestone Riders project turned the Portuguese cobblestone streets, criss-crossed with tramway rails, into the perfect place for a new way of skating. All thanks to a board specially designed to skate the unskateable.

Creative Execution

Describe the execution: Instead of designing a sophisticated marketing strategy we designed a way to skate the unskatable… The dynamic shape offers a perfect feet positioning for a high-speed downhill. The traditional portuguese cork- while absorving all vibrations - increases the surface’s grip while gives a sense of lightness to the whole body. And all converges into the heart of the board: the central wheel is designed to be the perfect counterpart of a railway track. 100% made of nylon: for less friction and a solid slide.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Most watched and shared video in the history of fuel tv’s social media A single item that impacted over 18 million homes in 70 different countires 225.000€ IN ONLINE EARNED MEDIA Stock sold out in the 1st week Now only taking pre-orders at

Brand relevance: FUEL TV is multinational a cable TV action sports channel. It was born in Portugal but lately was losing relevance. It was really needing a bond with portuguese skaters to enlarge its audience online and offline. Choice of campaign elements: We were looking for an original, 100% Portuguese, way of promoting Fuel TV and discovered a completely new sport. The board itself is the heart of the idea and the campaign, that spread fast through online and offline films. Target Audience: Young people: 10-14years Young Adults: 15-24 years Adults: 25-34 years Split audience by content (approximately): 56% skate 35% 9% other radical sports Approach: We created a unique and 100% portuguese item, capable of creating a strong interaction with local skate community.