Entrant HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Idea Creation HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Production UNIT9 London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Guido Heffels HEIMAt, Berlin Chief Creative Officer
Arne Stach HEIMAT, Berlin Creative Director
Malte Bülskämper HEIMAT, Berlin Creative Director
Christine Ramm HEIMAT, Berlin Copywriter
Franziska-Maria Kaul HEIMAT, Berlin Copywriter

The Campaign

For the World Ski Championships 2017 in St. Moritz, SWISSCOM connected fans and athletes in a way like never before: digital fan messages were transformed into a giant snow drawing to motivate the skiers. The snow drawing had the size of 16 football pitches and was visible to the athletes on site. Through this new way of cheering, Swiss athletes felt the support of the whole country.

Creative Execution

Through tweets and on the campaign website fans could submit motivational messages for the athletes. The fan massages were transformed into a digital artwork by specialized artists. A uniquely developed font made it possible to draw the messages in one continuous line. Finally, web-controlled snow robots plowed the artwork into a vast canvas of untouched snow, creating a giant love letter from the fans. It took several days to complete the drawing which covered 20 km of messages and was equivalent to 16 football pitches in size. Due to this enormous size, the image could be seen by the skiers before their downhill races and made them feel the support of the whole country.

The campaign attracted not only the attention of the ski fans, but the whole of Switzerland. As the population of Switzerland is only about 8 million people, the results are remarkable: The campaign film has been viewed over 3 mio. times and in total over 31 mio. contacts were reached throughout the whole campaign. Every third Swiss saw the snow drawings. In addition, the Swisscom network's performance was demonstrated in an impressive and sustainable manner. A skiing World Cup in Switzerland is something very special for all Swiss and they were proud of their personal messages in the snow as well as the incredibly successful results of their athletes. Being part of such a unique work of art creates a very special connection with the Swisscom brand in people's minds.

SWISSCOM activated ski fans to cheer up their stars like never before. A teaser film, online-banner, print ads and social media posts motivated the fans to take part by writing a personal message of encouragement for the swiss skiers. On the campaign website and through social media posts with #snowdrawings fans could submit motivational messages from their devices. After the messages were drawn into the snow, fans could share them via social media with their friends.

Switzerland is a nation crazy about skiing. Their ski team is part of their national heritage and their big pride. So when the ski world cup came to Switzerland in 2017, we had to create something special. Something memorable. Something that united the whole nation to support their athletes. Therefore we have been looking for a solution which not only appeals to ski fans, but also reaches all other Swiss people. So we invented a completely new way of cheering, where everyone across the country can participate - no matter whether you are on site or not.