Idea Creation BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Media Placement MEC Paris, FRANCE
Production BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 BOLLYWOOD Paris, FRANCE
Production 3 FIRM STUDIO Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Béatrice Roux Burger King Marketing Director
BERENICE CHARLES Burger King Marketing Project Manager
STEPHANIE PEGUET Burger King Marketing Project Manager
CLEMENCE LE TANNOU Burger King Marketing Project Manager
Carole Rousseau Burger King Marketing Project Manager
Marine Dupas Burger King Marketing Project Manager
GEORGES MOHAMMED-CHERIF BUZZMAN President and Executive Creative Director
Thomas Granger BUZZMAN Vice-President
Julien Levilain BUZZMAN Managing Director
Jean-Christophe Royer BUZZMAN Creative Director
Julien Doucet BUZZMAN Art Director
Lilian Moine BUZZMAN Copywriter
Thibault Picot BUZZMAN Creative Assistant
Rayenne Ait Tahar BUZZMAN Copywriter Assistant
Pierre Guengant BUZZMAN Account Director
Loïc Coelho BUZZMAN Account Manager
Antoine Boizeau BUZZMAN Account Executive Assistant
Julien Pacull BUZZMAN Strategic Planner
Julien Scaglione BUZZMAN Head of Social Media
Marie Le Scao BUZZMAN Social Media Manager
Elise Lassimoulie BUZZMAN Social Media Manager
AMELIE JUILLET BUZZMAN Head of PR & Communication
Victoria Morin BUZZMAN PR & Communication Assistant
Kenza Bennani BUZZMAN PR & Communication Assistant
Vanessa Barbel BUZZMAN Head of TV Production
Bollywood /Jan Boon Bollywood Production company / Director
FIRM FIRM Post Production

The Campaign

To promote the rest of our burgers, we created the Mystery Burger promotion. It’s a simple white box marked by a question mark that could contain any of our 10 burgers, randomly selected, for only 2€. Less than half the normal price. And you can’t know what’s inside the box before you open it. A kind of burger lottery in the end with a trick: you always win.

Creative Execution

To present our fans and prospects the Mystery Burger promotion, we decided to establish a game with them around this mysterious white box that could contain one of our 10 burgers at random. A 100% winning but unpredictable game that finds its outcome when you finally open the box to discover what you got. An affordable game, only 2€, without any risk: whatever you’ll get, you would not be disappointed as all Burger King’s burgers taste good. From the dedicated TVC to our national OOH and DOH campaign, our interactive mobile banners, publications on Social Media and instore communication, all the creations we produced were about installing this game with our clients, tease them and create the desire to come and try the promotion.

In terms of business, we had to relaunch 3 times the box's production and finally sold 2.5 million boxes (vs 800 000 we've expected). 37% of our tickets during the period contained a Mystery Burger (77% of them were additional sales). We observed an increase of 17K€ of turnover per restaurant in average and traffic instore litteraly exploded: +14% during the period and +41% new clients. And regarding our communication plan, the campaign also found its audience as more than 494 million contacts have been reached. The brand awareness considerably grown thanks to this operation: +12,6% (Google Brand Lift Survey). And finally, people's enthousiasm have also been seen thanks to the 35 500 interactions we had on our publications and the dozens of videos that appears on social networks from anonymous opening a Mystery Burger's box that generated over 2.4 millions organic views.

Mystery Burger is a promotion that Burger King launched in France in September 2017 to promote its whole range of burgers. To reach the largest audience possible and create traffic instore, the campaign was supported by a massive media plan including a TV, OOH and DOH, VOL and other specific formats on digital (Youtube masthead, Youtube trueview, Youtube bumpers, mobile banners and SEA), dedicated animation on social media (facebook and twitter ads, instagram and snapchat stories) and a huge presence instore in the 170 restaurants that ran the campaign.

Two main targets were pursued with this activation: 1/ our current clients to whom we wanted to present our complete burgers' range and encourage additional selling 2/ new potential clients, attracted by the hard promotion (only 2€), that we aimed to recruit and convert as regular clients once they’ve tried our burgers. To reach them and drive trafic instore, we built an integrated media plan mixing a mass media (TV, OOH and DOH, VOL) and a more tactical approach (social media, mobile banners, SEA, instore communication) in order to guide our clients and prospects's purchase funnel.