Idea Creation ÜBERGROUND Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Jo Marie Farwick Überground GmbH CEO
Nikolaus Ronacher Überground GmbH Creative Director
Kathi Walter Überground GmbH Art Director
Christian Ruess Überground GmbH Art Director
Simon Heeger & Christian Vorländer 2WEI Music Music
Danilo Klöfer, Ute Ressler Überground GmbH Agency Producer
Nathan Price Bigfish Berlin Director
Martin Ruhe Bigfish DOP
Jana Liebig Überground GmbH Copywriter
Ramona Schulze Überground GmbH Copywriter
Roman Mitterer Überground Art Director
Andrea Roman-Perse Bigfish Berlin Executive Producer
Pacco Nitsche 27km Executive Producer

The Campaign

We changed Christmas for the better and came up with the redefinition of Santa Claus. With #SantaClara, a new ambassador of a new kind of Christmas. A Christmas really for everybody. We spread the first ever gender Christmas-message of equality with a huge 360 degree all media campaign including a Viral, a Number One Hit and Chartbreaker in Europe and a new Dance-Style!

Creative Execution

To address this highly relevant social topic and to initiate the viral distribution of the video across 16 markets, it was crucial that paid, owned and earned media worked smoothly together. The client’s owned platforms, especially YouTube, were to host the video and music content while paid media ensured a high reach within the target audience. The earned viral distribution was to be achieved through sharing among the audience. Thus, the selected media had to drive both engagement and awareness. Besides traditional media channels, such as TV, Outdoor and Radio, the media mix focused on digital channels, including video distribution across VOD, social and open web, as well as YouTube search and influencer activations. With brand awareness across most markets of upside 90% and strong annual Christmas sales peaks, the primary focus of the campaign was on brand visibility, top-of-mind, and participation in the audience’s conversations.

With over 75 Mio. views and 400.000 shares, #SANTACLARA reached 4th place of Most Viral Christmas Ads online (Campaign PR Value 8.5 Mio €, and in addition #1 Spotify Viral Charts) ever. As Paris Hilton or Eva Longoria twittered their solidarity with #santaclara we knew, the message was understood. PS: for the first time, the main role in the Disney-Christmas movie 2017 is not Santa Claus, but? A woman! 521.000 Social Media Interactions #2 iTunes Video Charts 1.183.158 YouTube Views 1.231.272 Streams 119.492 Shazams

#SantaClara is one of the most integrated Christmas campaigns by a retailer ever. With a simple message spread through dozens of channels, we managed to become the talk of the continent. We didn’t just create a powerful and relevant idea but also managed to let everyone know about it. It was essential to establish Santa Clara, so we considered and used every available platform on every market during the whole Christmas season. Our consistent and holistic media strategy allowed us to reach every single our customers – and to get a lot of new ones as well.

Think tanks were held in advance to challenge the feeling from the gut, that Christmas makers are female. And we asked the people: What needs to be changed? We came up with the redefinition of a very male Christmas role model – Santa Claus. With #SantaClara, a new ambassador of a new kind of Christmas. A Christmas really for everybody. To spread the message we used a medium people naturally engage with: music. And opened the official backdoor of the brain – people's ears. The target audience was clear: We wanted to reach everyone in Europe.