Product/ServiceHEAD & SHOULDERS
Idea Creation FLX Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation 2 JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement MEDIACOM Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production FLX Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 2 JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Max Hafelt Jung Relations Advisor
Anna von Stockenström Jung Relations Project Manager
Ebba Hultengren Jung Relations Creative Director
Bill Schumacher FLX Director
Cornelia Opitz FLX Producer

The Campaign

Henke has done an outstanding job as the brand ambassador. No one could have done a better job at selling shampoo. He is simply the best: - Sweden’s best hockey goalie - Sweden’s best dressed - Sweden’s best looking - Sweden’s best hair-flow So, we asked ourselves: how do we top Henke Lundqvist? It seemed impossible. But the answer was simple: double up on the number of Lundqvist’s! Thus, we invited Henke’s hockey-playing twin-brother, Joel, to join the party with the storyline that Joel’s trying to take over Henke’s ambassador role. As his twin-brother and best friend, Joel has closely witnessed Henke’s shampoo successes, which has led to jealousy and a strive to achieve the same success Henke has. Not only does Joel have the looks – he also has the advantage of being 40 minutes younger. Henke, loving Head&Shoulders more than anything, is now facing his toughest challenge yet.

Creative Execution

Thru storytelling, we implemented following units, with PR and ‘shareability’ at the core: - The campaign starts off with a tv-commercial showing Henke shockingly witnessing his brother at a commercial shoot. The battle begins! - Henke’s next move: deliver shampoo-bottles to Joel’s hockey-team, with a clear note: “Regards from Joel’s brother – the REAL Head&Shoulders ambassador” - In the following tv-commercial, Henke has a masterplan: Henke gives himself the “head” (lead) role, while Joel must settle for the “shoulder” (supporting) role. - Henke cooperates with his own clothing brand (Bread&Boxers), and creates a limited edition “Henke + Head&Shoulders t-shirt” in ultra-black – only suitable if you’re dandruff-free. - In interviews, Henke emphasized his ambassador role. - Henke put himself on billboards in collaboration with Sweden’s leading supermarket. - When Head&Shoulders sponsored TV-shows, Henke had the message saying “The program is sponsored by Henrik Lundqvist” instead of the brand’s name.

This was the most successful campaign ever for Head&Shoulders in Sweden. We exceeded all targets and most importantly, strengthened the position as Sweden’s most purchased shampoo! - Earned media reach (social media not included) of 41 million in Sweden (Sweden’s population = 10 million). - Sales grew with astonishing 33% - Sales in November 2016 was all-time high - Head&Shoulders brand awareness grew from 21% to 51% - The tv-commercials that we seeded to media trended on Google and became the most popular on YouTube. The films generated thousands of comments are the most liked and shared videos in the brand’s history. - The billboards with Henke led to a 36% sales growth during the period - Henke’s t-shirt collection sold out in just a couple of days. - Bonus: at the end of the campaign, the brothers played for team Sweden in the world championship, winning the gold!

Henke Lundqvist, the best hockey goalkeeper in Sweden, loves Head & Shoulders. For six years, he has been the face and hair for the shampoo brand – and enjoyed every second of it. Last year, we put Henke’s love to the test by having his hockey playing twin-brother challenge him for the role as the brand ambassador. The brothers fought for the shampoo bottle in an integrated campaign that included tv-commercials, pr seeding, own clothing collections, press releases, billboards, sponsorships, and interviews. The campaign engaged all of Sweden which resulted in Head & Shoulders’ best campaign ever.

The strategy was to create an integrated campaign that would be active throughout the entire hockey season. The plan was to have enough content and material to keep releasing it successively during the season to make sure we would create an interesting and constantly up-to-date campaign. The target group is men 18-54 y/o who all have one thing in common: they are interested in sports. Thus, adding Henke’s twin brother to the mix, was the perfect solution to generate even more interest among the target group, but also to make the campaign even more newsworthy. The approach was to communicate in both own channels (such as Facebook), bought (national tv-spots and digital), and earned (PR).