Entrant LOUDER Moscow, RUSSIA
Idea Creation LOUDER Moscow, RUSSIA
Production LOUDER Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Arina Erygina Louder Creative Director

The Campaign

Two things are especially important to young mens: Gaming and Pranking. To appeal to this coveted target group, Lawson’s Whisky launched a crazy promotion, combining gaming and pranking into a completely new sport: Prankball

Creative Execution

A sophisticated feat of engineering, the prank chairs paid homage to young people's eternal tradition of playing pranks on each other. Players could play pranks on each other using various appliances built into their chairs in a bid to force each other to make mistakes. Alongside the core digital component, the Lawson’s Cup was extensively introduced offline at two super-badass parties – at the opening and final of the championship. The main games took place on the online hub - The platform has accumulated all the information about the tournament, provided chat for communication, the ability to search for an opponent of the desired level, as well as a tournament live grid with a rating. All these mega-pranks were streamed live on the most top-notch gamers resource – Twitch TV. To get even cooler and more 'no-rules’, we kitted out a 7-storey tower in the heart of Moscow.

PR support achieved 800 Mio OTS. The Lawson’s Cup was heard about everywhere – over 550 publications and TV materials went out, and OTS was exceeded by almost double. NPS was increased to 5%. Total more than 30 000 cyber players took part in Lawson’s Cup

Lawson Cup project involved events, web HUB, Twitch, Social Media, on trade and other communication channels and each of them was broadcasted NO RULES character of William Lawsons. The Lawson Cup, which created a direct relationship between the audience and the Lawson Cup brand, became an effective marketing solution in a dark-market environment and proved that e-sports is a promising communication channel for brands in Russia

Target audience of the project - young men 21-27 years old, which is don't have strong preference in alcoholic drinks or prefer beer. For engagement TA we created platform which is implemented an occasion where young men just wasting time with friends and enjoy. We integrated all tools which could catch TA in normal circumstances like bar ore friends home via digital and offline channels. The motivation of the participants was supported by the ambassadors involved in the Lawson Cup. Lawson’s friends and ambassadors – rapper ST, commentator Yuriy Dud, actor Sam Nicholl and Kefir, the Russian FIFA champion, actively promoted the Cup on social networks.