Idea Creation FOLK FINLAND Helsinki, FINLAND
Production 2 JAMES POST Helsinki, FINLAND
Production 3 HUMINA Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Tommi Laiho Folk Finland CEO
Kimi Issakainen Folk Finland Art Director
Tommy Mäkinen Folk Finland Creative Director
Lasse Paasto Folk Finland Copywriter
Pia Dahlman Folk Finland Account Director
Johanna Murtomäki Folk Finland Project Manager
Miika Hyvärinen Folk Finland Production Artist
Ville Varesvuo Director's Guild Executive Producer
Juha-Matti Nieminen Director's Guild Producer
Teemu Niukkanen Director's Guild Director
Joel Noel Mustonen Director's Guild DOP
Mikko Löppönen Director's Guild Editor
Tutsa Huuhka Director's Guild Casting Manager
Timo Anttila Humina Sound Designer
Juri Seppä Humina Music
Petteri Linnus James Post Producer
Eetu Niininen James Post VFX Artist & Online Editor
Mari Ollila Virta Helsinki Account Director
Sini Reunala Virta Helsinki Digital Strategist
Annika Hokkanen Virta Helsinki Planner
Päivi Saarinen Virta Helsinki Planner
Lauri Sipponen Lidl Finland CEO
Timo Hansio Lidl Finland Commercial Director
Seppo Niemelä Lidl Finland Marketing Manager
Christian Saukkola Lidl Finland Advertising Manager
Meeri Lehto Valve Junior Producer
Axel Auvinen Valve Frontend Coder
Reetu Mönkkönen Valve Backend Coder

The Campaign

Dark, cold weather surrounds us Finns 9 months a year. We’re always waiting for the short summer period and the expectations get sky high. When the summer season finally comes, we worry that it ends soon – our biggest fear during the summer time is the constantly glooming long dark winter that is just around the corner. The Finnish weather has impacted our states of mind and our nation has become a bit bipolar. In winter people are glum and tend to seclude from the society. In summer, we try to maximize the happiness by overemphasising the corner stones of Finnish summer: BBQ and summer cottage. This summer Lidl wanted to take away the Fear of Winter and tell Finns not to worry about the past nor the future. Lidl wanted to encourage Finns to live and enjoy right here, right now – because tomorrow it could be too late.

Creative Execution

Films were the core of the campaign. The story takes us to the near future, to Fall 2017 – a sudden snowstorm has taken everyone by surprise and one particular family is stuck at their summer cottage. Memories start to grow sweeter with time and everyone seem to remember the summer ending a little bit differently. In Print & OOH we used current themes and events as we reminded people that winter could come at any moment. For Online, we created summer’s Bucket List that inspired and motivated Finns to live their lives to the fullest. We collaborated with Spotify and let people make their own Grilling playlists, depending on the occasion. We even rewrote a Finnish classic and made it to a catchy rap song. It was #1 on Spotify’s viral list for three weeks in a row! People even made their own versions of the song in YouTube.

Lidl’s market share grew by 0,4 % in the summer season. Sales in May–June grew more than 5 % to last year – that means over 20 million €. June 2017 was the best and the most profitable month in Lidl’s history. ‘Live like it’s the last day of summer’ was more noticed than any other Lidl campaign before – spontaneous awareness value was 78 % and aided awareness value was 91 %. The message of the campaign was highly liked. Lidl was the most talked about brand among 18-34 yo. The theme song ‘Grillaa’ was #1 on Spotify’s viral list for three weeks in a row and became a huge earworm – it has been listened over million times and people even made their own mixes of the song. Two Lidl films were the most viewed ads in YouTube in Q2 (584 000 views + 249 000 views).

Lidl’s spot-on multimedia campaign became a talking point and it touched all Finns. The campaign encouraged people to live and enjoy right here right now, because summer could end and winter could come at any moment. The campaign took over the whole summer season in different channels and Lidl spread the message ‘Live like it’s the last day of summer’ across Finland. As a result, the sales went up and Lidl market share grew – and June 2017 was the best and the most profitable month in Lidl’s history.

Retail chains and meat producers have all advertised for the “coming grilling season” for years now. Lidl didn’t want to settle for this self-evidence – they wanted a concept that allowed them to interact with Finns during the whole summer. Usually retail market target groups tend to emphasize women between 25–45 yo., the every-day decision makers. But we knew, that the actual target group was way bigger than that. In order to succeed, we knew that we would have to win the hearts of every Finn, despite the age and gender – we needed to take over the whole summer and big coverage. For Finns, summer is a metaphor for the life – you need to live and enjoy right there and then, not to worry about the future, nor the past. This was the insight we based our whole concept: Live like it’s the last day of summer.