Product/ServiceTIM CORPORATE
Idea Creation 2 TIM Rome, ITALY
Production BLOW UP FILM Milano, ITALY
Production 2 NONPANIC Rome, ITALY
Additional Company TAX FREE Parma, ITALY
Additional Company 2 QUIET PLEASE! Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Giovanni Porro Havas Milan Chief Creative Officer
Tommaso Mezzavilla Havas Milan Digital Creative Director
Tiziana Mariani Havas Milan Creative Director
Clelia Roggero Havas Milan Creative Director
Luigi Fattore Havas Milan Creative Director
Antonio Campolo Havas Milan Creative Director
Valeria Zacchi Havas Milan Agency Producer
Federica Papetti Havas Milan Account Director
Giorgia Ricciardi Havas Milan Account Supervisor
Maria Vittoria Macconi Havas Milan Account Supervisor
Alessandro Romano Havas Milan Creative Director
Gaia Mazzola Havas Milan Art Director
Nicola Saccoccia Havas Milan Art Director
Anna Triolo Havas Milan Copywriter
Cristiana Lavanga Havas Milan Copywriter
Claudia Brambilla Havas Milan web designer
Emanuele Mei Havas Milan Technical Director
Arnaud Leroux Havas Milan Back end developer
Alessia Boeri Havas Milan Front-end developer
Orazio Valente Havas Milan Developer
Luca Preziosi Havas Milan Head of Social
Matteo Prencipe Havas Milan Social media manager
Andrea Proietti Havas Milan Community Manager

The Campaign

When you have everything you feel happy, carefree. And when you are happy and carefree, you dance. Just like JSM, the dancer that got the TIM people carried away with his noosing and enthusiastic moves. That's why in TIM's spot everybody is dancing, everywhere, day and night.

Creative Execution

Interior, daytime. Just Some Motion dances to All Night by Parov Stelar. The scene resembles the one in the youtube video that made him famous all over the world with millions of views. Right after JSM, other people of various kinds and ages dance with different scenarios. In these scenes, supers summing up the unique TIM offer appear: landline, mobile, fibre, cinema, games, football, cloud, coverage… Since the very first scenes we understand that the spot’s protagonists are all TIM users, dancing happily and feeling lightened because of the successful digitalization carried out by TIM and the richness and quality of its offer. The final claim “It’s nice to have it all” ends the message, like a confirm.

Considering the record-breaking number of views of its viral videos, 60’' institutional spot and Sanremo live spot, the homemade videos posted spontaneously by users all over the web, Parov Stelar’s track “All Night” at the top of the charts, all the way up to the 'JSM hat' sales, the campaign had a public success that is hardly measurable. +26 Million views in total +11 Billion impressions in total

With the Dance campaign, TIM has communicated a coherent and unique message to all available media, making own brand identity solid and reliable. tvc, print, web, digital, live experience, ooh, social, POS, every touch point has worked simultaneosly to give to his consumers a 360° brand experience.

In Italy, competition between telephone companies is continuous, tight, merciless and deeply based on commercial topics. Every company tries to convey feelings but, in the TV storytelling scenario, what often prevails is commercial, rational communication. Brand value and insights are rare in the telephony field. Besides, from an endorser to another, the communication scenario is rather flat, with ads similar one to another. TIM’s image had long been in need of a renewal, and the turning point came from the idea to shift the observation point from TV to web.