Category E06. Innovative Use of Social or Community
Idea Creation IRIS London, UNITED KINGDOM
Production IRIS London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Simon Mannion iris Creative Director
Lucy Green iris Creative Team
Ryan Timmins iris Creative Team
Amy Bryson iris Managing Partner
Sam David iris Account Director
Ed Rosie iris Director
Olivier Darriet-Fisher iris Agency Producer
Dale Haden iris Manager

The Campaign

To achieve cut through with our brand skeptic audience, our idea had to be compelling. And the product’s credentials gave us an opportunity to turn the online gaming experience on its head... So we did. To prove the power and portability of the Zephyrus, we created the most extreme live streaming experience ever - XSTREAMZ. We ripped the platform’s most provocative players out of their normal environments and plunged them into the game… When regular Twitch users tuned in to see the normal gameplay, they got the shock of their lives. Their heroes were in real life recreations of the games they play, streaming as if they’d become part of the game themselves. The influencers put the Zephyrus through its paces. From sand dunes to speed boats, XSTREAMZ provided unforgettable, meme-worthy moments, added fuel to social conversation, whilst breaking the conventions of the platform in an extraordinary world-first for Twitch.

Creative Execution

The campaign took place over a month; from the first series of live streams to the follow-up content, all distributed across Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We began by hosting the live streams (unannounced) on the influencer's channel, leveraging their following and pointing towards ROG channels. During the live-stream days, we filmed additional social content that went on to provide campaign momentum for a further 2 weeks, including GIFs, clips, competitions and a master content film. Each execution and ad format was then distributed on ROG global social channels, with local markets also activating content with their audiences. The content was captured entirely on ROG products (both the Zephyrus and ASUS Zenfone). Due to the extreme nature of the live broadcasts, the off-the-cuff, in the moment sequences were raw, gritty and granular, making it feel very unplanned and authentic, as if the viewer was there.

The campaign is still live but the initial results have already smashed all KPIs. Since the beginning of the campaign, we have achieved 20% uplift in daily brand mentions, 11% increase in total global fan-growth (almost double our 6% target), and a staggering total of 3.43m total engagements. This is against a total media spend of £30K. · 484K new followers across social channels – an 11% uplift vs our target of 6% (smashed it) · 28K likes and comments (all posts – ASUS, influencers and earned posts) · 11K shares (all posts – ASUS, influencers and earned posts) · 3.4M total video views (3M on ROG FB, 223K views on Twitch (both influencers) and 247K on Youtube) · 3.43M Total social engagements (likes, comments, shares and video views) vs our target 228K · 20% uplift in daily brand social mentions of ASUS or ROG

Our strategy was simple. Get hard-core gamers to hype around the launch of the new laptop, by showing them (not telling) just how powerful and portable the Zephyrus really is. Making them care by hijacking what they love, our goal was to place the campaign directly into their world, using the fastest growing and impenetrable gaming platform, Twitch, then flipping the conventions of live streaming on it's head. Enlisting key gaming personalities to demo the product also meant that hoards of new and existing ROG fans could be shown the laptop from a different perspective - with a message so entrenched in their world, it wouldn’t fail to cut through.