Category E09. Use of Social Data & Insight
Entrant ACTION Moscow, RUSSIA
Idea Creation ACTION Moscow, RUSSIA
Production ACTION Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Sandro Gelashvili Action Group Creative Director
Ekaterina Antipova Action Group Creative group head
Ilya Berezin Action Group Senior art director
Kate Volkova Action Group Copywriter
Andrey Zerniy Action Group Digital creative director
Yuliya Chepel Action Group Account director
Margarita Konstantinova Action Group Project manager

The Campaign

We have created the first online quiz to determine your chances to end up on the streets and screen your life for the main causes of homelessness. The Vulnerability Index is a quiz, which results you do not want to share. A campaign for the Nochlezka charity organization has been initiated by a few employees and received neither development nor promotion budget. The project team has proposed a non-standard solution that brought attention to the problem. The conversion rates into action and the number of new Nochlezhka volunteers have surpassed all expectations.

Creative Execution

– To ensure a deeper understanding of the problem, we have developed a chatbot that asked simple questions and calculated a personal vulnerability index based on user's answers. – We have taken one of our ready-made engines and developed a dialogue script. We have placed the quiz on the Nochlezhka landing page. – The quiz has been promoted on a gratuitous basis: by Nochlezhka, partner media and through a viral effect from quiz results posted by users on social media. The active announcement phase has lasted less than two weeks, and all major results have been obtained during that period.

– The number of volunteers has increased by 60%. – 57 000 users have learned their index, 6000 users have decided to find out the real causes of homelessness, and more than 2000 users have shared the results on social media. – The news about the Index has hit the headlines on major Russia's media platforms: Yandex,, Rambler. The quiz publication has got to the Suggestions section on Vkontakte social network. – Over 30 media publications. 10 radio and TV spots.

– We have analysed 12 000 profiles of the homeless and found the real causes of the homelessness. We have created the Vulnerability Index based on this data. – The quiz results page has encouraged users to investigate the matter: read about the real causes of the homelessness and make a donation. – We have invited the most courageous users to share their results on social media. This is the way we have generated buzz and attracted new users. – We have contacted the major media and asked them to announce the project free of charge by inviting their audience to “the Vulnerability Index – the first online quiz which results you don't want to share”.