Category D02. Interactive Video
Name Company Position
Elisabeth Leriche Renault Advertising, Digital e CRM Manager
Julie Savouré Renault Advertising Executive
Bruno Bertelli Publicis Italy Global Chief Creative Officer Publicis WW
Cristiana Boccassini Publicis Italy Executive Creative Director Publicis Italy
Francesco Martini Publicis Italy Creative Director
Alessandro Izzillo Publicis Italy Creative Director
Massimo Guerci Publicis Italy Digital Creative Director
Giovanni Greco Publicis Italy Art Director
Enrico Pasquino Publicis Italy Copywriter
Melania Petrocchi Publicis Italy Digital Art Director
Giada Salerno Publicis Italy Account Director
Silvia Bianchini Publicis Italy Account Executive
Vittorio Cafiero Publicis Italy Project Manager
Bela Zeimann Publicis Italy Strategic Planner
Giulia Atzori Publicis Italy Senior Agency Producer
Laura Pace Publicis Italy Agency Producer
Philip Rogosky Think Cattleya Executive Producer
Alexia Gamba Think Cattleya Producer
Arc Worldwide Arc Worldwide Digital Production
Gabriele Mainetti Think Cattleya Director
Nicola Guaglianone Think Cattleya Screenplay
Michele D'Attanasio Think Cattleya Director Of Photography
Andrea Maguolo Think Cattleya Editor
Mirko Perri Think Cattleya Sound Design
Massimiliano Sturiale Think Cattleya Set Designer
Mary Montalto Think Cattleya Costume Designer
Valter Adam Casotto - Make-Up
Fabrizio Squeo - Editor
Gabriele Mainetti, Michele Braga - Original Soundtrack

The Campaign

To let families experience modularity, we produced the first modular short movie inspired by the new Renault Scenic. The film was divided into different sections. So by just changing the order of the same movie scenes, users could create many stories with different plots. Depending on the active choices people made, Ningyo could become a romance, a drama, a thriller, a noir or a horror film.

Creative Execution

People had the chance to experiment creating different stories of Ningyo on various media. Online and on mobile thanks to the ad hoc platform. On Twitter thanks to Conversation Ad, where you could reassemble the short film sections with a tweet. During the unveiling of the project at the 73° edition of the Venice Film Festival a series of digital totems were installed, that participants could interact with them to create their own versions of the film. In one of Rome’s main subway stations a temporary cinema was set up where you could see all versions of the film. Outside of the cinema people could use digital totems to actively experiment with the viewing experience.

Over 5 million views on social networks 25.000 Twitter interactions +2K Twitter followers in only two weeks Among the 3 finalists in Twitter Awards 2016 1300 car pre-orders

Advertising in the automotive industry is mainly focused on explaining every new technical feature of the car but people don’t seem to be interested in them anymore. That’s why to be more relevant we decided to use a language close to families’ everyday life, able to capture their attention: cinematography.