Category E09. Use of Social Data & Insight
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Idea Creation adam&eveDDB London, UNITED KINGDOM
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Alex Fairman King Henry Head of Design
Santi Rey King Henry Designer

The Campaign

Because Wall’s takes happiness seriously, they decided to take on the UK’s state of happiness one sad emoji at a time. We tracked down the use of sad emojis on Twitter and surprised those unhappy Tweeters with the one thing that would we know would make them smile, ice cream ? Because no one deserves to be sad, especially not on International Day of Happiness.

Creative Execution

Wall’s began gathering UK emoji data using a Twitter API feed from March 1st and on International Day Of Happiness (March 20th) launched ‘Emoji Rescue’ to tackle one sad emoji at a time and invited consumers to track the nation’s state of happiness via emoji use in real time at www.goodbyeserious.com We used this technology to help spread happiness throughout the UK over the course of the ice cream season. We responded to the subtlest signs of unhappiness being the use of a sad emoji in a Tweet, by hand delivering a personalised delivery of Wall’s ice cream. We also reacted to national events by broadcasting happiness statistics on digital OOH posters throughout the UK, such as The London Marathon (23rd April) as well as National Ice Cream Day (July 16th) where we pitted two cities against each other in a happiness contest.

The International Day of Happiness campaign achieved an overall reach of 5.5million impressions and garnered PR coverage in various national and international press outlets, including The Daily Mail and The Mirror and MSN.com. But perhaps more importantly, we were able to turn 85% of the sad emojis we directly engaged with into happy ones ? Due to the campaign’s success, it will be embedded in 2018 purpose led communications for Wall’s brands outside of the UK.

Wall’s research in the past has shown that ice cream can be linked with happiness. Given its proven ability to turn a frown upside down, we sought to find a way to communicate this in a way which was motivating to our British audience. We identified that the most prevalent signs of sadness amongst this audience were the use of sad emojis on our audience’s social network channels. Our strategy was simple, identify those uses of sad emojis in everyday situations and surprise them with our happiness-inducing products, ice cream. We then created a data tool that could track emoji usage against real time events on Twitter to identify patterns in the nation’s emotional highs and lows and then we reactively broadcasted these happiness stats nationwide on social and digital OOH to further create the link between happiness and Wall’s ice cream.