Category E02. Social Purpose
Entrant KISS Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Idea Creation KISS Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Media Placement KISS Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Production KISS Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Name Company Position
Sérgio Gomes Kiss Copywriter
Pedro Batalha Kiss Executive Creative Director
Paulo Afonso Kiss Executive Creative Director
Daniel Cunha Kiss Art Director
António Fuzeta da Ponte Kiss Client Service Director
Nuno Alberto Molotov Film Director
Hugo Rosado Freelancer Video Editor

The Campaign

To remind americans of the global impact of their votes, we created Fucksgiving. A movement that allowed everyone across the planet to voice their concerns about the upcoming election.

Creative Execution

4 days before the election, we released a video with people from 15 different countries (mostly portuguese) reading a manifesto on camera. The video was published on a Facebook page that started a conversation about global issues - national affairs regarding the election were never part of the conversation. Viewers were invited to a minisite - www.fucksgiving.net - that allowed them to express how the election could impact their lives. We also created the hashtag #fucksgiving to fuel the debate on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In only 4 days, the Facebook video: - reached over 4 million people; - had more than 2 million views; - generated more than 150.000 reactions; - was shared more than 35.000 times; the Facebook page: - had more 9.200 followers; The hashtag was trending on Twitter and the video was covered by national and international news outlets. Total cost of the initiative: 0€

Our goal was to get the world to send a message to american voters and raise the awareness around global issues like climate change, nuclear weapon regulations, gender inequality, LGBT rights, racism, etc. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our minisite were the perfect ramp to initiate the debate.