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Category B01. Mobile Websites
Product/ServiceIF INSURANCE
Idea Creation ANORAK Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Lars Holthe Anorak Art Director
Peter Power Anorak Copywriter
Torgeir Vierdal Anorak Consultant
Hanne C. Foss Anorak Project Manager
Per Ivar Grennes Anorak Planner
Erlend Dahl Sakshaug Anorak Animator
Henriette Berle Broch If Insurance CRM Marketing Manager
Henrik Guderud Anorak PR & Activation Manager
Jon Berge If Insurance Communications Director
Julien Alary N/A Grade
Kathrine Kirkerud If Insurance Campaign Manager
Linn Cathrine Håland Nilsen Good Morning Producer
Lise Marie Vasbø If Insurance Head of Marketing
Robert Bue Good Morning Front-end
Thea Granberg Good Morning Producer
Thomas Nordahl Good Morning Front-end
Øystein Dyb Bacon Post-production
Anita Gustavsson If Insurance Brand Manager
Karoline Høiby If Insurance Head of Business Development
Andreas Johannessen N/A Director Of Photography
Edel Drage Anorak Graphic Designer
Thomas Trælnes N/A Editor
Christian Schaanning N/A Sound Editor
Ola Narum Berg Bacon Producer
Marie Kristensen N/A Director
Marie Kristensen N/A Director
Jørgen Winsnes Good Morning Web Designer

The Campaign

The idea became The Fire Game, a digital fire drill for mobile and tablet designed for those who need to practice what to do in the event of a fire more than anyone else: families with small children.

Creative Execution

The campaign was rolled out two weeks ahead of Fire Safety Week with several films that were shown on TV and online, web advertising, blog partnerships with bloggers, a comprehensive CRM run and ‘Win the crab badge’ live at Rådhusplassen during a fire station open house. The message was simple: «Play yourself safer from fire at»

- 250,000 unique users to date (the number of people who have played is at least double this if you consider that the game is intended for the whole family) - Discussed across some of the biggest media outlets in Norway (TV2 News, Norgesglasset, NRK Supernytt, Nitimen) - 10% increase in awareness of the fact that If is involved in the organisation of Fire Safety Week - 1,200 active leads with a hypothetical value of around NOK 18 million generated. On the basis that an average insurance policy costs NOK 5,000 annually and customers remain with If for 3 years on average. The total media budget for the campaign was NOK 1.5 million. Hypothetically, the value of the generated leads is 12 times the sum invested.

As part of our work to establish what Fire Safety Week is about, we stopped at a small piece of information. Frequent fire drills are held at schools, nurseries and workplaces, but just 4% of Norway’s population practice what to do in the event of a fire at home. This was an opportunity. Both the fire authorities and insurance companies have previously launched initiatives to persuade people to hold fire drills at home, and common to all of them has been that they played on people’s fears and wagged a finger at them. Our strategic aim was to go the opposite direction: can we get people to play with fire?