Short List
Category D02. Print & Publishing
Idea Creation WHITE RABBIT Budapest, HUNGARY
Name Company Position
Istvan Bracsok White Rabbit Budapest Chief Creative Officer
Levente Kovacs White Rabbit Budapest Chief Creative Officer
Andre Nunes Bueno White Rabbit Budapest Associate Creative Director
Marcos Mendes Tanaka White Rabbit Budapest Senior Art Director
Luis Paulo Gatti - Art Director
Adam Lenart White Rabbit Budapest Copywriter
Levente Balint White Rabbit Budapest Client Service Director
Beata Stumpf White Rabbit Budapest Account Director
Lilla Katona White Rabbit Budapest Senior Account Manager
Borbala Tumo White Rabbit Budapest Digital Account Executive
Thirza Schaap - Photographer
Bruin Feskens - DOP
Shamsher Walia Floss Creatives CEO
Alexa Antal WWF Hungary Head of Marketing & Communication

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Pantone's Color of the Year draws attention to our colourful nature – and year after year their new colour becomes a driving force and inspiration for the creative industries, such as design and fashion. For 2019 Pantone picked Living Coral as the Color of the Year. But corals are in real danger nowadays: the world has lost about 50% of coral reefs. However, 25% of sea fish species depend on coral reefs, that play crucial role in maintaining healthy marine ecosystems, supplying half the oxygen we breathe. Unfortunately, living corals are on the brink of extinction, and their future is in doubt. We wanted to address this target audience, since they are powerful influencers and have a strong impact on younger generations. Our environmental conscious message raising awareness of endangered corals was amplified with the representatives of the design and fashion industry.

Tell the jury about the photography. Do not name the photographer.

Inspired by Pantone's colour choice, we re-created the original Living Coral visual, but using garbage taken directly from the oceans. Trash placed against soft, pastel backgrounds transform the objects into an aesthetic experience – presenting a dramatic contradiction between the corals and their plastic polluted environment. With the real-life plastic garbage combined with coral, shot in soft, diffused light our aim was to expose the ugly truth by creating a composition that is colourful and tragically beautiful at the same time. Thus we created a shocking, realistic poster campaign to raise awareness of endangered corals, bringing this serious global problem into focus.