Category E03. Print & Publishing
Idea Creation ROMANCE Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 THE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Christophe Lichtenstein Romance CEO
Alexandre Hervé Romance Executive Creative Director
Yvan Hiot Romance Creative Director
Adrien Plouard Romance Creative Director
Clémentine Guillopé Romance Art Director
Marie-Laure Dangeon Romance Associate Director
Emilie Frank Romance Associate Director
Sarah Holgado Romance Account Manager
Antoine Groun Romance Account Manager
François Coquerel - Photographer
Pia Schneider Romance Print Producer
Anne-Marie Gaultier Intermarché Marketing et Communication Director
Vincent Bronsard Intermarché trategic and Operational Marketing Manager
Camille Sassi Intermarché Brand and Communication Manager
Vincent Fièvre Intermarché Brand and Communication Director
Emilie Place Intermarché Advertising managers
Augustin De Vulpian Intermarché Advertising Manager
Laurence Carboneill Intermarché Advertising project manager

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In 2019, to celebrate its 50th anniversary, Intermarché wanted to go beyond anniversary promotions usually practiced in the category and connect with its customers on a more in-depth emotional level. The brand carried out a prowess hand-in-hand with manufacturers by bringing back in-store French consumers’ favourite iconic products in their 70s packaging, such as the Goldorak Amora mustard or the Grenadine Teisseire syrup, and hence all the happy memories that go with it. In a world evolving at break-neck speed, the brand made the choice to pause time and make people travel back in time in their “good old days”. Specific to this ad: A madeleine isn’t only a small French sweet cake, it also refers to a well-known French expression. A Proust’s Madeleine is an expression used to describe smells, tastes, sounds or any sensations reminding people of their childhood and bringing back memories from a long time ago.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any text.

Proust’s Madeleine tastes even better with mustard. It’s Sunday. You’re seven years old and you’ve spent the morning in your pyjamas watching cartoons on TV. Your favourite superhero from outer space saves the world. As usual. At 12 o’clock, your parents take you to Grandma’s house. She helps you undo all those zips and buttons and layers. The wallpaper is a pattern of geometric shapes in shades of orange and brown. Grandma has made your favourite lunch: sausages and homemade chips. She puts the jar of mustard by your plate. She bought it specially for you: it has your superhero on it… Today, that jar of Amora mustard and the memories it brings back are only €1.33 at Intermarché. To celebrate our 50th anniversary, iconic products from the past are now back in-store. Intermarché

Tell the jury about the copywriting.

We’ve created a large set of print ads, each ad being specific to one of the iconic vintage products that are back in-store for Intermarché’s 50th anniversary. Each product comes with its own universe and cultural references. The copy has been meticulously written in a particular narrative style to tell a very specific story and memory linked to the product, that every single French person can identify with. Moreover, each copy is deeply rooted in French iconic cultural references from the 70s that French consumers can connect with, from the Citroën “deudeuche” family car to the iconic “booms” parties where teenagers share their first dance while drinking fluo syrup. As a result, the copywriting strongly elicits emotion, filled with nostalgia, comfort and happiness, amongst all generations of consumers. A smart way to show that Intermarché has a lot more to share than just products or promotions with its customers.