Category C01. Brand & Communications Design
Name Company Position
Alexander Kalchev DDB Paris Executive Creative Director
Jenna Haugmard DDB Paris Art Director
Julien Kosowski DDB Paris Copywriter
Alban Callet DDB Paris Managing Director
Axel Renaudin DDB Paris Account Director
Coralie Bouillier DDB Paris Account Executive
Julien Scaglione DDB Paris Head of Social Media
Marie Le Scao DDB Paris Community Manager
Julie Gueulet DDB Paris Community Manager
Edouard Frapier DDB Paris Community Manager
Loïc Morando DDB Paris Planner
Fabien Donnay DDB Paris Head of agency production
Pierre Boutin Volkswagen Managing Director
Ghislain Laffite Volkswagen Marketing Director
Catherine Gotlieb Volkswagen Head of costumer experience media and digital
Bastien Barraud Volkswagen Responsable Comm Digital & Fidélisation
Lucas Blanchard Volkswagen Responsable Comm Digital & Fidélisation
Kikuo Johnson - Illustrator

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Do we have to wait until the World Cup final or the first man on the moon to finally feel this indescribable feeling of having something in common with our contemporaries ? Fortunately not, because we all already share something: A car. People’s car is the DNA of the Volkswagen brand. So we wanted to talk to all those, customers or not, who are experiencing these stories and situations so common to all, as soon as we take the road. Illustrated by the realistic and elegant feature of Kikuo R. Johnson, twelve stories were printed and also posted on Instagram to invite the VW fans to share their own stories Fine and funny sightings that made VW shine and expanded its community. Until becoming a book with all the stories.

Tell the jury about the illustration.

This project was all about telling short stories that everyone could identify with. Comic books have this power to tell stories simply and efficiently, sometimes even without words. Kikuo R. Johnson, who regularly works for the New Yorker, has a precise brush, capable of grasping the expressions and little details of everyday life. His illustrations make us smile, laugh or move us with a minimalism perfect for our medium and our brand.