Product/ServiceHONDA MOTO
Category E04. Outdoor
Name Company Position
Alexander Kalchev DDB Paris Executive Creative Director
Alexis Benbehe DDB Paris Creative Director
Pierre Mathonat DDB Paris Creative Director
Shad Bharucha DDB Paris Art Director
Nicolas Denis DDB Paris Art Director
Patrice Dumas DDB Paris Copywriter
Jean-Christophe Royer DDB Paris Copywriter
Claude-Henri Galbois DDB Paris Planner
Eric Hazout DDB Paris Account Director
Arthur Piaulet DDB Paris Account Manager
Victor Roger DDB Paris Account Executive
Sebastien Pernel Honda Moto Marketing Manager
Valerie Larousse Honda Moto Communications Manager

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Back in 1961, Honda decided to design a small motorcycle for a famous Japanese Amusement Park to keep kids entertained. And kids loved it. The bike was so easy to handle, kids just had to twist the throttle and go. it was just a matter of days before adults set their eyes on it and started riding this new toy. Pretty immature of them, right? Pretty soon, this unexpected popular success led Honda to take this bike into production. Its name was inspired by the silly silhouette adults had when riding it: Monkey. Since then, this small bike created for big children had 50 years of amazing success around the world. So, when Honda announced it was going to produce a new model, we had to celebrate the reason why this bike was produced and passed the test of time. Pure immaturity: “Monkey, immaturity at its best”.

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Welcome to your midlife crisis, or as we call it, the half time. Here you are, alone in the locker room of mature thoughts. Step back, take stock : is it that bad so far? Nope. Sure, you never walked on the moon, or, as we call it, the empty-dusty-acneic-not-even-a-planet-boring-ball. The good news is you have still more or less 40 years to live. And you can grow young, feel free to say yolo, free to realize it’s an acronym, free to buy that little motorcycle and rip the knees of your jeans again.

Tell the jury about the copywriting.

Honestly, don’t take it bad but if we had to explain those lines to anyone it would mean that we failed somewhere along the road. (no pun intended.) Plus, we never explain our jokes.