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Category A02. Script
Media Placement CARAT London, UNITED KINGDOM
Production 4 THE MILL London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Paul Brazier AMVBBDO Chief Creative Officer
Alex Grieve AMVBBDO Executive Creative Director
Nicholas Hulley AMVBBDO Creative Director
Nadja Lossgott AMVBBDO Creative Director
Tim Riley AMVBBDO Creative Director
Nick Godden AMVBBDO Producer
Tom Green Stink Director
Molly Pope Stink Producer
Nicolas Karakatsanis Stink DOP Lighting Cameraman
Russell Icke Whitehouse Editor
Parv Thind Wave Sound Engineer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film tells the true story of two brothers, David and Gareth Rees. When their mother died, she left them all her money - on the condition that they spend it all following the sport she loved: rugby. We wanted to make our true story feel as true as possible. So we asked the brothers if they would portray themselves on screen. They said yes – and we filmed them in three different countries over five days. They even agreed to recreate their mother’s funeral for the film

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The Six Nations Championship (known as the Guinness Six Nations for sponsorship reasons) is an international rugby union competition between the teams of England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales.

Provide the full film script in English.

We open on a coffin, with a framed photograph of a sweet old lady sitting on top of it. (Or an urn, with the photograph beside it.). VO: Our mam was different… In a modest, provincial solicitor’s office, two men in their fifties listen attentively as their solicitor reads out a document to them. VO: In her will, she left us strict instructions… The two men begin to grin. Perhaps they exchange glances. VO: To spend every last penny - on the Six Nations… Music kicks in: something loud and proud with plenty of swagger. We see a close-up of a pair of watery eyes. We cut wider and see they belong to the sweet old lady from the picture. She’s on her feet, roaring encouragement, fists clenched. VO: Mam loved the intensity, the rivalry… She’s in the stands at a rugby match, with fans of Wales and England also on their feet around her. She’s an incongruous sight, amongst all these big, brawny blokes. We see rival players collide on the pitch in bone-crunching close-up. The sound of the impact is exaggerated to magnify the sense of full-blooded collision. VO: And the way that rivalry was put on hold afterwards… We see the two brothers from before, now wearing Welsh rugby shirts as they squeeze through a packed bar, full of rugby fans. One brother holds something in his hand, high above the heads of the crowd… A dainty little purse - with a defiant Welsh red dragon on it. VO: This was her purse. We keep the kitty in it. We see gnarled fingers fish around in the purse for notes to pay for a round. VO: It comes with us everywhere. We see a speeding train, or a plane landing. And a quick close-up of the purse on the fold-up table of either the train or the plane, vibrating slightly with the motion of travel. We cut abruptly to more close-up action – a crunching tackle as Wales play Ireland. We see the brothers after the game in the corner of a packed bar with Irish musicians. One brother on the other’s shoulders as they celebrate victory and dance along. We see more visceral, close-up action from Wales against Scotland. (stock footage) VO: It’s bought us celebratory pints. A gentle giant of a Scot - a real-life Hagrid, parts the crowd like Moses parting the Red Sea, to get the brothers to the bar and their waiting pints of Guinness. VO: And consolation ones… We see the two brothers cheering in the stadium surrounded by Welsh fans as they beat the English. We cut to the two of them in a bar in their red shirts. They hand consolation pints to the depressed English fans looking glum around them. They’re wearing red rose hats, framing their sad faces with giant petals. VO: Wherever we go, the purse goes. We see the purse again, in tight close-up, as a Ten Euro note is pulled out of it. We cut – and suddenly see a close-up of burning blue and orange flames. We cut wider – and see we’re in a little neighbourhood bistro in Paris and a waiter is serving crepes suzette to the brothers and a couple of French fans in silly cockerel hats. We see very quick stock footage of a plane taking off. We see the brothers in Rome, on their way to the game in the back of a taxi. The traffic is awful and the driver is ranting in Italian and gesticulating wildly. We hear sub-titled Italian: We will beat you! We will beat you! We see them tying a Welsh scarf around a piece of classical Roman statuary. Later. They’re eating outside in a quaint back street with more new-found friends. VO: And every trip we make, every game we see, it’s like – well, it’s like mam’s here with us… The track stops briefly. And in a crowded bar full of fans, we see the brothers pause for a moment and reflect. They look down at the purse – then look upwards. VO: Love you, mam. The music kicks back in, they raise their glasses to their lips, and rejoin the party. We see a quick close-up of the purse – and a little snort of steam comes out of the dragon’s nostrils. Title: Six Nations. It’s always meant more. #AlwaysMeansMore Guinness logo and Made of More lock-up.