Short List
Category A10. Animation
Entrant THJNK Berlin, GERMANY
Idea Creation THJNK Berlin, GERMANY
Media Placement MEDIACOM Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Additional Company DIGITAL SPIRIT Bucharest, ROMANIA
Additional Company 2 STORZ & ESCHERICH Berlin, GERMANY
Additional Company 3 STUDIO FUNK Berlin, GERMANY
Additional Company 4 ANIMATIONSFABRIK Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Heiko Klauer IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Country Marketing Manager
Tobias Vogler IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG External Communication Manager
Nica Söderlund IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Project Lead
Immacolata Lidia Costantino IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Project Lead
Michael Haas IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Country Lead Interior Design
Jan Kimpel IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Media Specialist
Karen Heumann thjnk Berlin GmbH Management Board Strategy
Stefan Schulte thjnk Berlin GmbH Chief Creative Officer
Hendrik Heine thjnk Berlin GmbH Chief Executive Officer
Sabine Kuckuck thjnk Berlin GmbH Creative Director Concept/Copy
Benjamin Waldt thjnk Berlin GmbH Creative Copy Senior
Sophie Kearney thjnk Berlin GmbH Creative Art Senior
Michail Paderin thjnk Berlin GmbH Creative Art Senior
Stephan Nürge thjnk Berlin GmbH Creative Art Junior
Ioana Lahr self-employed Freelance Creative Art Senior
Stephan Friedrich thjnk Berlin GmbH Strategy Director
Maria Schwarz thjnk Berlin GmbH Management Supervisor
Xenia Kraider thjnk Berlin GmbH Account Manager Senior
Loreen Abedi thjnk Berlin GmbH Account Manager
Julia Hener thjnk Berlin GmbH Account Manager
Björn Rühmann self-employed Film Director
Benjamin Kitchens self-employed Cameraman
Hermann Krug CFS Krug GmbH Agency Producer
Kristina Albrecht CFS Krug GmbH Agency Producer
Frank Siegl Zauberberg Productions GmbH Executive Producer
Eva Strittmatter-Power Zauberberg Productions GmbH Producer
Kristin Geyer Zauberberg Productions GmbH Post Producer
Stathis Nafpliotis self-employed VFX Coordination & Compositing
Alex Jurkat self-employed Editor
Thomas Wedekind self-employed Editor
Luis Almau Soundtree Music Publishing Music Composer
Simone Eichhorn self-employed Stylist
Anett Weber self-employed Special Make-up Artist
Nadin Wagner self-employed Special Make-up Artist
Kirstin Garbarde self-employed Art Department
John Nolan John Nolan Studio Design Puppeteers & Animatronics
Niki Sauer self-employed First Assistant Director
Kay Woitas Animationsfabrik GmbH Animation Design & Direction
Marco Boysen Animationsfabrik GmbH Producer
Malte Jensen Animationsfabrik GmbH Producer
Cristina Barbu self-employed Set Design
André König Studio Funk Berlin Sound Engineer
Biggi Klier nhb Postproduction / nhb studios Berlin GmbH Telecine / Grading
Minna Guse MediaCom Agentur für Mediaberatung Group Head Media Consulting
Evelin Mahn MediaCom Agentur für Mediaberatung Director Media Consulting
Nina Lemke MediaCom Agentur für Mediaberatung Senior Media Consulting
Sarina Drexhage MediaCom Agentur für Mediaberatung Senior Digital Media Consulting

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Our dreams are desperate. Because sleep has somehow become of no importance to people. However, without sleep, the dreams no longer have a job. This is why the unemployed dreams meet in a support group. Whilst the complaints against the people who only care for their work-life balance are being voiced, a dream discovers the rescuing solution: IKEA. This is because IKEA provides good sleep with great mattresses and pillows. IKEA makes people aware that in their many discussions about a balanced life, they have forgotten a key factor: Sleep. After all, our life is made up not only of life and work but also, sleep.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In Germany more and more people face difficulty when it comes to falling asleep and sleeping through the night. Sleep disorders amongst working people aged 35 to 65 have risen by 66 percent since 2010. Around 34 million people suffer from the consequences today. However, instead of giving sleep the attention it deserves, people turn a blind eye. Some, because they believe sleep is an overrated luxury in our society of performance; others tend to fight for their work-life balance, forgetting that sleep is just as important as exercise, fun and leisure. What Germany lacks is a lively discussion about sleep. This is why IKEA set a goal with this film: to show people that sleeping is just as important and that it belongs to a balanced life, just like work and life. In reality it should be called a Work-Life-Sleep-Balance.

Tell the jury about type(s) of animation used and summarise any relevant challenges or techniques.

The creation and development of the characters was one of the most important building blocks of the film. Our foundation for the costumes and makeup were key for the originality, creativity and quality. Some of the costume characteristics were edited and strengthened later on in the post production. Eyes and eyebrows got a changing expression. The eyes of the elf were enlarged in post production which was also the case for the eye colour of Madame Butterfly; additionally the butterflies on her head and the one floating around her. We used a suspension for the astronaut which was then removed in post production, exactly like the puppeteers from John Nolan Studios with the monster and the sheep. The tiny gremlin is the only character that was completely created in 2D animation in post production using VFX and SFX.