Short List
Product/ServiceNIVEA CREME
Category A07. Use of Original Music
Production ANORAK Berlin, GERMANY
Production 2 SIZZER B.V. Amsterdam, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Bahador Pakravesh MAYD Executive Creative Director
Behnaz Pakravesh MAYD Executive Creative Director
Alexander Makedonskiy MAYD Creative Director
David Klaws MAYD Art Director
Arnaud Uyttenhove ANORAK Film Director
Daniƫl Bouquet ANORAK Film Director Of Photography
Christiane Dressler ANORAK Film Executive Producer
Stefano Binotto SIZZER Music Supervisor

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film "Confessions" tells the story about the true role of NIVEA Creme in the life of all our consumers - no matter where they from and what they believe in. No lies, no glorifying, just the simple facts what NIVEA Creme can deliver. VO: There is a time when we have to start telling the truth, the truth about ourselves, well this time is now! We can't protect you from getting hurt, we can't tell you how long your friendship will last, or if your love will stay forever, we can't fight your fights, not the ones against the world, not the ones against yourself, we can't make the world colorblind, we wished we could. Because we are what we are, and this is our confession.

Tell the jury about the creation of the original music track.

Our film is based on the essence of telling the truth and about the tough and hard site of life. The music was especially created to point out this feeling. But more than that, to give also hope. The dramaturge of the music was also chosen differently: with a double peak. The song starts and rises up but suddenly falls down back to the ground before it restarts again. This is a metaphor for the life itself in wich we all fall but rise again.