Short List
Product/Service2 IN 1 SHOWER AND SHAVE
Category A09. Sound Design
Idea Creation 72ANDSUNNY Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Production CAVIAR Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Additional Company 2 GLASSWORKS Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Paul Polman Unilever CEO
Keith Weed Unilever CMO
Pablo Gazzera Unilever EVP
Rik Strubel Unilever GVP
Caroline Gregory Unilever Global Brand Director
Marco Montanaro Unilever Global Brand Manager
Carlo Cavallone 72andSunny Amsterdam Executive Creative Director and partner
Stuart Harkness 72andSunny Amsterdam Executive Creative Director
Richard Harrington 72andSunny Amsterdam Director of Design
Adam Koppel 72andSunny Amsterdam Creative Director
Gregg Clampffer 72andSunny Amsterdam Creative Director
Christian Baur 72andSunny Amsterdam Designer
Rachel Sato - Banks 72andSunny Amsterdam Writer
Fernando Ribeiro 72andSunny Amsterdam Director of Strategy
Janosch Eink 72andSunny Amsterdam Strategist
Ruro Efue 72andSunny Amsterdam Director of Communications
Rob Conibear 72andSunny Amsterdam Group Brand Director
Angelina Joy 72andSunny Amsterdam Brand Director
Margarita Grigorian 72andSunny Amsterdam Brand Manager
Caitlin McStravick 72andSunny Amsterdam Brand Coordinator
Stephanie Oakley 72andSunny Amsterdam Director of Production
Eline Bakker 72andSunny Amsterdam Senior Film Producer
Selam Kehishen 72andSunny Amsterdam Business Affairs Manager
CLOÉ BAILLY Caviar London Director
Javier Alejandro Caviar London Production Manager
ELLIE GOODWIN Caviar London Producer
Patric Ryan freelance editor
Nick Smith Stainless Sound Amsterdam Sound Recordist
Anya Kruzmetra Glassworks Amsterdam Producer
Alexander Pattinson Glassworks Amsterdam Flame
Blake Huber Glassworks Amsterdam Flame
Scott Harris Glassworks Amsterdam Colourist
Nili Zadok 72andSunny Amsterdam Producer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

In these ASMR Shower and Shavetorials, a confident young man shares his tips and tricks for shaving a variety of areas on the body. He is not a shredded, overly-fit guy - nor is he especially good looking. However his nice, friendly demeanor is something most are able to relate to. He has an air of self-assuredness that is oddly attractive, as he uses the rich, foamy lather of Lynx 2 in 1 Shower & Shave Foam; which feels as smooth as it sounds. We don’t want to spoil it for you, but people end up clean, shaven and surprisingly liberated.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

It was the start of 2018 when LYNX/AXE, the world’s largest male grooming business, rounded a decade of stagnant growth on a global level - particularly in the UK. The ‘Find Your Magic’ initiative launched in 2015 offered the brand a modern masculinity reboot, however engaging young men with body sprays remained an increasingly difficult task. It was understood 14-21 year old males were simply avoiding product ads, while increasingly gravitating to other deodorant formats and grooming behaviours, which the brand was not yet recognised for. With that in mind, their first shower gel made for body shaving would be launched: LYNX/AXE Shower & Shave Foam.

Tell the jury about the elements of sound design.

The film is all about sound design. We were not just spoofing an ASMR film or commenting on one; we wanted to actually create on. To do this, we need a combination of special microphones specifically positioned on set. Each sound was tested and rehearsed so we’d know it would have the desired ASMR effect. While mixing the sound design, special care, time and attention needed to be paid to each moment. We’d enhance the sound, make sure it was perfectly clear, and optimized it to give the ASMR effect.