Category A01. Data-enhanced Creativity
Name Company Position
Christophe Segaert VOO Telecom Vice President Consumer Market (B2C)
Aline Hoffmann VOO Telecom Brand & Communication Director VOO & BeTV
Delphine Lenel VOO Telecom Head of Advertising
Jacques Ohn VOO Telecom Media & Budget Manager
Karen Corrigan Happiness / An FCB alliance Executive Creative Management
Geoffrey Hantson Happiness / An FCB alliance Chief Creative Officer
Philippe Fass Happiness / An FCB alliance Creative Director
Isabelle Koelman Happiness / An FCB alliance Strategic Director
Mathias Lemielle Happiness / An FCB alliance Concept Provider
Jérémy Stoquart Happiness / An FCB alliance Concept Provider
Pascal Kemajou Happiness / An FCB alliance Group Account Director
Mattias Vermeire Happiness / An FCB alliance Account Director
Coline Hercot Happiness / An FCB alliance Account Manager
Caroline Ray Happiness / An FCB alliance Graphic Designer
Bart Vande Maele Happiness / An FCB alliance Producer
Kris Van Wallendael Happiness / An FCB alliance Senior Digital Producer
Remke Faber Happiness / An FCB alliance Head of Motion
Simon Schuurman Happiness / An FCB alliance Motion Designer
Thomas Colliers BLISS Interactive Head of Technology
Na Nguyen BLISS Interactive Head of Projects
Vietdong Ngo BLISS Interactive Project Manager

Why is this work relevant for Creative Data?

Most brands team-up with influencers who use their brand. VOO (Belgium’s biggest Telco challenger) however, teamed-up with influencers who need their brand. And they did so via a very clever data-intercept: real-time, voice-activated banners, transcribing our influencers anger (speech-data via Microsoft Cognitive Services) because of a slow internet. Those ‘raging banners’ were shown on top of our influencers online gaming streams on Twitch and/or YouTube Live – a first!


VOO Telecom is Belgium’s biggest Telecom Challenger. Since the internet has become so much part of our daily life, one of the main battlefields and reasons to switch provider is the speed of the internet. VOO Telecom has invested in modern technology and because of that, they are now able to offer their clients an internet speed that can be up to 4 times faster than their biggest competitor, the market leader. Brief: gain market share (and share of heart) within the fast-growing Belgian gaming community. Because becoming the brand of choice in that community would be proof of the ‘internet-leadership’ of VOO telecom.

Describe the Creative idea / data solution (20% of vote)

To promote Belgium’s fastest internet, VOO telecom teamed-up (paid) with the most influential gaming streamers who were not yet VOO clients, by making them download a plug-in that will transcribe their speech-data ‘rage because of a slow internet’ into voice activated ‘raging banners’ that will be shown on top of their live streams on Twitch and/or YouTube Live – which is a first!

Describe the data driven strategy (30% of vote)

People watching gamers who stream their game on Twitch or YouTube Live is huge. There are now more people watching those streams than there are people watching sports on television. Obviously, both for the streamers and the ones watching, a speedy and stable internet are critical. The right community to sell Belgium’s fastest internet from Belgium’s biggest Telco challenger VOO. Aim was to grab the attention of that community via an unexpected influencers-data campaign (non-VOO clients), combined with a worlds first: voice activated banners that transcribe speech-data (‘gamer rage’) of streamers into an overlay banner on Twitch and YouTube Live.

Describe the creative use of data, or how the data enhanced the creative output (30% of vote)

First, we programed an OBS plug-in. OBS is the most use software for streaming games. This OBS plug-in attaches itself to the Microphone Audio and uses Microsoft Cognitive Services to transcribe speech-data, in real-time, based on keywords. Then we programed all possible ‘slow internet rage’ keywords (in French only so far). Afterwards, once ‘raging because of slow internet’ speech-data is detected, a transcribed overlay banner is automatically shown on top of the live streams. This technical ‘stunt’ worked both on Youtube-live ànd Twitch (biggest streaming platforms) which is a first. Then we started a paid collaboration with Belgiums most influential gamers who are not yet VOO clients. They downloaded the plug-in and we waited for their internet to lag.

List the data driven results (20% of vote)

The ‘raging banners’ turned into a real economical multiplier for VOO. Via our influencers and their lagging internet, the 'raging banners' quickly appeared on hundreds of real-time streams. Reaching 85% of the Belgian gaming community within a few weeks. Resulting in hundreds of positive engagements, an increase of 165% of the VOO ‘fast internet’ webpages, a radical increase when it comes to VOO brand preference within that community and most importantly, leading to an increase in sales of over 20%! When it comes to the ‘fast internet’ product, the biggest challenger VOO is now close to becoming the market leader.