Category A05. Data Visualisation
Idea Creation HAVAS ISTANBUL Istanbul, TURKEY
Production 2 P BLOK Istanbul, TURKEY
Production 3 AJANS RESET Istanbul, TURKEY
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Ergin Binyıldız Havas Istanbul Chief Creative Officer
Ergin Binyildiz Havas Istanbul Chief Creative Officer
Yavuzhan Gel Havas Istanbul Creative Director
Serhan Koçak Havas Istanbul Art Director
Sezgin Bulut Havas Istanbul Art Director
Anil Süleyman Çinar Havas Istanbul Copywriter
Sila Salgin Havas Istanbul Agency Producer
Gözde Bilir Havas Istanbul Agency Producer
Ayça Çinar Havas Istanbul Strategy Director
Berk Yilmaz Havas Istanbul Client Services Director
Hare Lilya Ganiç Havas Istanbul Account Supervisor
Irem Pusal Havas Istanbul Account Manager
Tarik Bayar Reckitt Benckiser Marketing Director
Cem Oguzcan Reckitt Benckiser Category Manager
Harun Çeliksoy Reckitt Benckiser Senior Brand Manager
Basak Malçok Reckitt Benckiser Senior Media Manager
Buse Leblebici Reckitt Benckiser Senior Assistant Brand Manager

Why is this work relevant for Creative Data?

Glasses of Drought is a data-driven environmental change campaign which demonstrates the most devastating drought evidences in the particular lakes of Turkey. The design tended to illustrate collected data from a comprehensive research to make it imaginable for people.


Historically Finish focused on product driven performance communication but keeping our leadership in the hearts of our consumers and consequently in terms of market share required a communication that had the power to create an emotional bond through building a new purpose for the brand. We tied the brand’s core value “shine” to the purpose of the brand and came up with the concept of a “brighter future”. We wanted to talk about a brighter future, and we unearthed an alarming fact about dish washing, the amount of water we waste each time (57 liter) on pre-rinse in one year is equal to a mid-sized lake. Glasses have been the symbol of shine for decades for Finish. Now they could also help us to tell a different story for a brighter future.

Describe the Creative idea / data solution (20% of vote)

Turkey is a country surrounded by seas on three sides and experiencing all four seasons. When this is the case, it’s unimaginable for the target audience to grasp the idea of Turkey becoming water poor in 11 years’ time (according to UN). The amount of water wasted on pre-rinse (57 liters of water being wasted by passing dishes through water prior to placement into the dishwasher.) in one year is equal to a mid-sized lake (over 130 million tons). So, we demonstrated most alarming evidence of drought. Drying lakes. ‘Glasses of Drought’: 5 glasses. 5 special glasses designed for 5 lakes of Turkey where the signs of drought are seriously felt. The amount of the water each glass can hold is equivalent to the percentage of water left in a certain lake. So, you can only drink as much as water as the lake currently holds, not a drop more.

Describe the data driven strategy (30% of vote)

We collected data of the drying lakes from annual reports revealed by the government and news, then we found out how drought affected these lakes in years by examining and comparing volume changes. In theory, these data didn’t have too much complexity to understand. But the main problem was; people were not able to reach those data and simply see that there is a certain threat. Therefor we planned to give people this cheerless information with an every-day object. Also in an emotional way. Our target was reaching out to people with influence. So we could make people hear about this alarming issue from the sources they trust. So, it worked.

Describe the creative use of data, or how the data enhanced the creative output (30% of vote)

By our comprehensive research, in association with NatGeo and government departments, we detected the lakes with the most devastating water loss. We researched the topography and turned them into custom made glasses. 5 lakes, 5 glasses. 22nd of March is the World Water Day. But for Turkey it’s also the day of our biggest economic forum, the Davos of the Middle East. The event where the top politicians, economists, businessman and most importantly the press is present with full attention. And we hacked the event. The glasses were placed on speakers’ desks all across while being spread out through the event venue. It was a perfect chance to reach almost everyone with influence. Our glasses helped us to engage our message with CEOs, politicians, academics, media moguls even foreign investors.

List the data driven results (20% of vote)

1 million USD PR value was earned with a set of 5 glasses. 16,9 Million media impression and 8 Million earned media value.