Category F02. Environmental / Social Impact
Idea Creation OPEN Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
Name Company Position
Hadar Beer OPEN Graphic Designer


This is the story of an artisanal gifting company whose products are produced and sold by the mentally challenged. Often times, this community is put to work behind the scenes, backstage. A non-profit organization was created in order to change this reality. This organization includes them in the whole process: from handcrafting, through packaging, and all the way to the point of sale. This unique method has inspired a model of business and community integration and was granted a prestigious award at the UN. As a result, they came to us asking to remove the charitable perception from this special brand and become associated with pride and craftsmanship.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

The goal of this project was to assist a wonderful organization helping the mentally challenged. When meeting with them we decided to do the work for free since it resonated so strongly with our beliefs and values. Together we decided to incorporate the members of the organization in all phases of the process which included, brainstorming, painting and designing the concepts for the packaging, making the chocolates, and have them help package the chocolates in the factory. Our target audience was people living in Israel who are lovers of chocolate and wish to contribute their money to an important cause.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

We asked participants to paint on a blank sheet of paper a feeling, thought or pattern that emulated their gratitude when they wished to thank someone, those drawing later served as the design for the packaging. This included taking the drawing and converting them digitally to the format needed. The designs include a mix of vibrant colors, shades and patterns expressing the uniqueness of each individual and how they perceive and express their appreciation to someone else in their own way. This art was later used to create packaging for the boxes which came in metal, paper and cardboard sold in various sizes.

List the results (20% of vote)

Sales increased by 40% leading to amazing growth and income for the non-profit. In addition has been recognized by many other as a revolutionary and unique approach to the design process. We aimed to gain the non-profit not only awareness but also credibility amongst those in the sector utilizing their cause and mission to express their values as an organization and promote conversation around inclusion, diversity and acceptance. With that said, costumers enjoyed the special packaging and felt good buying a product that helps those in need. By creating packing that involved participants in all phases we were able to prove that being mentally ill will not prevent people from accomplishing wonderful things in life.