Category B03. Posters
Entrant BERGEN Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Alexey Fadeev Depot branding agency Creative director
Anastasia Tretyakova Depot branding agency Creative Director
Nikita Ivanov Depot branding agency Design director
Vera Zvereva Depot branding agency Art Director
Elena Melnik Depot branding agency Project Manager
Vadim Bogdan Depot branding agency Strategist
Alexandra Fedoseeva Depot branding agency Copywriter
Alexey Andreev Depot branding agency CEO


How to show customers that the northern shrimps they are about to eat are perfect? The very same perfect shrimps sailors catch in the dark seawaters searching for the most precious sea treasure – an ideal shrimp. How to stand out from plenty of corners presented at Moscow food courts? How to emphasis the product quality of Bergen restaurant which cooks the meals with prime Norwegian shrimps?

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

We have developed a unique brand identity using the geographic coordinates symbols. The packaging design idea was based on the identity. We have reinterpreted basic packaging forms to stand out from competitors. The packaging shape represents the idea of immense sea spaces with a fearless ship chasing a perfect shrimp. Hand-drawn water structures, a neat comma/shrimp sign and minimalistic graphics create a unique style for a street food café.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

A blue ship is a meal box, an orange shrimp is a sauce holder and the cups are wrapped in sleeves with various illustrations. The new packaging shapes have attracted audience attention and have created the unique atmosphere of sea adventures brave sailors take to bring that special shrimp to you.

List the results (20% of vote)

In Russia street food market and culture is far to be perfect. Almost only large retail chains demonstrate attractive and remarkable identity, generally global ones do that. On that contrast Bergen is one of the first local pathbreakers of aesthetically and visually detailed food-retail. The specification (seafood fast food is not really developed in the country), non-standard packaging form and food courts decorations are the signals to qualitative market growth, active work on local brands and be relevant to consumers’ requests. Moreover, developed identity is flexible and rather simple. It helps to solve several tasks stated in the brief at the same time: design adaption is possible to particularly any advertisement carrier, product line scaling can be done in a fast and comfortable way and opens more opportunities to effective work with franchise. So it shows the brand uniqueness at the Russian market.