Category A01. Creation of a new Brand Identity
Idea Creation ROSAPARK Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Jean-Francois Sacco ROSAPARK Co-founder Chief Creative Officer
Gilles Fichteberg ROSAPARK Co-founder Chief Creative Officer
Jean-Patrick Chiquiar ROSAPARK Co-Founder
Blanche Depondt ROSAPARK Graphic Designer/Art Director
Lea Morichon n/a Illustrator
Laurène Chabrol ROSAPARK Project Manager
Justine Dudognon ROSAPARK Agency Producer
Katia Paré BAM&Co Founder


BAM&Co is a new French brand of completely natural, tasty products for breakfast, teatime or cocktail hour. They are 100% organic and don’t contain additives, i.e. no thickeners, colours or preservatives. They are also 100% made in France. The objective was to promote healthy eating with products that look as good as they taste. The products are on sale in Parisian gourmet delicatessens (e.g. La Grande Epicerie at Le Bon Marché, Lafayette Gourmet, Maison Plisson, Julhès), coworking spaces and hyper and supermarkets

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

These days, consumers have a different approach to what they eat and many have lost confidence in the food industry. They are very demanding when it comes to ingredients and demand transparency. Consequently so-called “natural” food products are often packaged in a way that no longer promotes their taste. BAM&Co’s products, however, taste as good as they look, proving you can still enjoy the nutritional benefits of a natural product in a brightly coloured pack. The products are aimed at people between 30 and 40, who are active and dynamic and who, while wanting to eat better, don’t want to give up taste and pleasure.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

In France most organic brands choose a rather neutral approach to their packaging. Many are made of brown or grey cardboard, giving them a dreary look. At BAM, they chose colour to express the joie de vivre of the organic aspect of the products and put a window in each pack to emphasize the brand’s transparency and honesty.

List the results (20% of vote)

A successful launch: - 10 000 products sold in 2019 - A turnover of 50 000€