Category E03. Food / Drink
Idea Creation SVOE MNENIE Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Andrey Kugaevskikh Svoe Mnenie Creative Director
Marsel Yalalov Svoe Mnenie Art Director
Michael Gibson Freelancer Copywiter
Dmitry Mikhailover Svoe Mnenie Account Manager
Anastasia Khrisanova Svoe Mnenie Designer
Polina Menialina Medusa Films production Account Manager


In recent years the drinks industry has experienced a real gin boom. IWSR, an alcohol trends-spotting consultants, anticipates the gin category will continue growing until 2021. The launch of new brands as well as the diversification of gin has led to market saturation. Today, dozens of craft gins, rose gins, non-alcoholic gins and stronger gins can easily be found on shelves. Consequently, it is now more difficult to surprise the consumer. The challenge we faced was to create a concept with brand-name and design that would make Gin, produced in France, stand out on an overcrowded shelf. The concept itself has become more significant than just a product story.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

European civilization is in a period of great «turbulence». At the same time, we observe distinct and opposite phenomena such as strengthened euro integration and separatist movements, ultra-tolerance and the rise of nationalism, democratic agendas and the rebirth of left-wing ideas. Globalization goes hand in hand with the desire to remain authentic, and the unavoidable cultural fusion collides with the desire to preserve traditions. Great Bastard – is a revision of English gin, it was distilled from French grapes. The design, the name, and the recipe all reflect the conflict of mixing two distinct cultures, that have been related for centuries: England and France.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

The colour solution is inspired by the colours of the UK and French flags. The pattern is made in the style of Op Art and refers to the traditional ornament called Pied-de-poule (Chicken foot) in France and Dogtooth in England. The peculiar metamorphosis of unofficial English and French symbols – the rooster and the bulldog – highlights the long and complicated history of the relationship between the two nations, from wars to reconciliations. The quintessence of the cultural mix is embodied in the brand name. William The Conqueror also known as The Bastard or The Great is an illegitimate son of a French Lord, who in 1066 reached the seashore of Sussex, united The Kingdom and soon became the King of England.

List the results (20% of vote)

We managed to disrupt the saturated gin category and caught the attention of consumers and buyers with our outstanding new brand launch. Great Bastard was of particular interest in HoReCa. Qualitative interviews with bartenders indicated that there is an enormous potential for the product in bars. Research also revealed that consumers are interested to try the product as they are attracted to the eye-catching design and want to try a new and unusual product.