Category F03. Innovation & Solution
Product/ServiceNESCAFÉ É
Idea Creation OGILVY GERMANY Frankfurt, GERMANY
Additional Company NESTLÉ Vevey, SWITZERLAND
Name Company Position
Dr. Stephan Vogel Ogilvy Germany Creative Chairman
Bjoern Bremer Ogilvy Germany Chief Creative Officer
Michael Kutschinski Ogilvy Executive Creative Director
Garth Gericke Ogilvy Art Director
Klaus-Martin Michaelis Ogilvy Art Director
Hayley Chappell Ogilvy Copywriter
Felix Rompis Ogilvy Account Management
Jens Steffen Ogilvy Technical Director
Joschka Wolf Ogilvy UX Design
Alexander Scherf Ogilvy UX Design
Hendrik vor dem Berge Ogilvy UX Design


In the last few years, gourmet coffee and barista culture have been trending globally. Turning every day Millennial consumers into sophisticated and demanding connoisseurs. Nescafé - the oldest and simplest instant coffee brand in the world- needed to remain relevant for this growing segment.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Nescafé launched É, a smart personal coffee maker that merges millennial’s growing love for coffee with what they always carry in their other hand: smartphones.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

After 2 months of design thinking sessions and workshops; and 4 months of prototype designing, and 2 months of software development Nescafé’s Smart Coffee Machine was launched on Amazon and most important tech retails. In some of the markets it was launched there was some social video ooh communication and minor launching activations. Then it was launched and for sale in 3 different countries.

List the results (20% of vote)

The brand succeeded in reconnecting with millennial audience and created a new channel for product marketing through the É app and its community. Brand awareness grew, as it perception as a more contemporary and innovative brand. Fidelity grew as well. Consumers can now explore a wide range of coffee drinks and turn into baristas themselves, at home, at the office, and anywhere. Cultural impact was huge considering how big -culturally and economically- tea is in the region. To date, -March 2019- 60.749 units were sold, and still counting.