Category B03. Posters
TitleIMINENTE 2018
Idea Creation SOLID DOGMA Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Idea Creation 2 SOLID DOGMA Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Name Company Position
Diogo Potes Solid Dogma Head of Design
Pedro Pires Solid Dogma Creative Director
Joana Neves Solid Dogma Account Director
David Cabrita Solid Dogma Graphic Designer
Hugo Dias Solid Dogma Graphic Designer


There's no shortage of music and art festivals in Portugal. Therefore, the aim was not only to consolidate the already created Identity for Iminente, which has been distinguishing itself from other festivals by the celebration of an immersive urban concept, but especially to mark its relocation – in Sept.’18, Festival Iminente would have its 1st edition in the center of Lisbon, through a protocol that sets the festival right at the Panorâmico de Monsanto (activated for the first time in +10 years). The challenge was to capture this moment when the festival grows and settles in the heart of the capital, in this iconic location called Monsanto… and also, keeping in mind a step forward: enabling this whole graphic universe towards internationalisation, exploring the brand’s positioning, by making it evolve and coherently extend to territories like London and Shanghai.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Iminente is the most alternative festival in Portugal. Distinguishing itself from other festivals by the celebration of an immersive urban concept, giving voice and proper stage to new talents, fresh /vibrant/emergent figures of urban and street art, music, social and cultural activist movements. Therefore, the festival targets an urban and cosmopolitan population 16-44 (higher incidence in the 16-25 segment), gathering brands that also convey this spirit. An event that has been setting a cultural landmark for 'lusophony' in our territory, now held in one of the most iconic venues in Lisbon: the abandoned belvedere 'Panorâmico de Monsanto'.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

The challenge was to strengthen the already existing visual universe, in a time that the festival changed venue. We did that by integrating the striking architectural lines and well-known geometric shapes that punctuate the iconic 'Panorâmico de Monsanto': a 360º belvedere from the 60's that's shaped like a spaceship, and has its own 'graphic signature'. So, we've created a visual concept that mirrors a kind of architectural grid, which combines reflective deconstruction notes of the nature of the space, as well as of the nature of the atypical and diversified line-up that sets the Iminente apart from others. This visual language was also adapted to the festival’s 2018 London edition and 2019’s showcases in Shanghai and (lately) Rio – so, from posters and OOH, to motion video promos, social media, website elements and merchandising, we built an integrated aesthetic that stud and evolved through 4 editions and 4 countries.

List the results (20% of vote)

An event with a multidisciplinary line-up, featuring: urban art, contemporary art, music, skate, poetry performances, graffiti, b-boys, talks. A reactivation of an iconic belvedere from the 60's, totally inactive for more than 30 years (that held a design event more than 10 years ago). Lisbon event: 15.000 People, 97 musical artists, 35 visual artists, 11 nationalities in 5 stages, 1 gallery, 1 skate park, free shuttles Website: 1.000.000 views, 750.000 hits Facebook: 490.700 reach Iminente Festival + Vhils + Underdogs (total reach) = 42.353.200 Instagram: 328.433 Iminente Festival + Vhils + Underdogs (total reach) = 13.500.000 Youtube 60.000 views Mobile App 17.000 Views Media coverage: 180 journalists in 3 days News 673 Total Impressions: 36.000.000 Total population reach: 4.000.000 AVE: 1.000.000€ Creativity: campaign awarded w/GOLD at Clube de Criativos de Portugal (Portuguese Creative Club)