Category E04. Other FMCG
Idea Creation SOLID DOGMA Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Name Company Position
Samuel Simões Solid Dogma Art Director
Pedro Pires Solid Dogma Creative Director
Joana Neves Solid Dogma Account Director
Sebastião Góis Solid Dogma Video Editor


Goodies is the debut album of DJ GLUE. The briefing asked us to find a communication universe that was flexible enough to live in the vinyl edition and act as a visual support for street communication, live performances and social media communication. The budget was... zero. This was a "probono" work, leveraging on the fact that this was an opportunity for both agency and client to experiment new things and make something original and outstandingly fresh together.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

DJ GLUE is one of the most prominent DJs in Portugal, founding-member of the iconic band Da Weasel, Lux Fragil's resident and owner of Parkbeat Records and Crack Kids Collective. Now solo, his debut album was something very anticipated by fans, since he has a hip-hop/rock/rap background. Although stylistically well-defined, the diversity of the themes and of the collaborations presented on the album suggested the need to translate both aspects - the warm and melodic base, sometimes sweet other times more aggressive - in a language that would help to complement the aesthetic environment of the songs, directed to an hip-hop and electronic fan-base (16-35 mainly).

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

The illustration, resorting to a myriad of objects that create compositions somewhat surreal and decontextualised, was exploited in various ways, from the cover print to the motion graphics that punctuate 5 original music videos and its social media teasers (reinforcing a sense of visual album), ending up having that role of a sensorial vehicle prior and subsequent to the disc hearing: one conceptually proper packaging to what is inside.

List the results (20% of vote)

Visual implemented in live shows, one record sleeve and vinyl record artwork – a shortlisted at the D&AD Awards 2018 – plus 5 original music videos released during the period of 9 months, that bring the feel of a defiant visual-album to the table. This work was Shortlisted at D&AD Festival this year.