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Additional Company MRM/McCANN Milan, ITALY
Additional Company 2 LIVE MILAN, ITALY
Name Company Position
Daniele Cobianchi MCCANN Milan Chief Executive Officer
Alessandro Sabini MCCANN Milan Chief Creative Officer
Eoin Sherry MCCANN Milan Creative Director
Fernando Dominguez MCCANN Milan Creative Director
Eoin Sherry MCCANN Milan CD/Art
Fernando Dominguez MCCANN Milan CD/Copywriter
Giovanni Lanzarotti MCCANN Milan Head of Strategy
Michele Virgilio MCCANN Milan Head of Production
Valentina Catese MCCANN Milan Project Manager
Adrian Botan MCCANN EMEA President Creative Europe, Global ECD
Carmen Bistrian MCCANN EMEA Creative Excellence Manager Europe
Mike Cooper MCCANN EMEA Digital Director
Mike Oughton MCCANN London Head of Copywriting
Alessandro Sciortino MRM//MCCANN Milan Creative Director
Riccardo Daverio MRM//MCCANN Milan Digital Art Director
Simone Fatone MRM//MCCANN Milan Motion Designer/3D
Fabio Furnari MRM//MCCANN Milan UX Designer
Nicola Guarino LIVE Milan Head of Social
Andrea Casale LIVE Milan Social Media Art Director
Camilla Canova LIVE Milan Social Media Copywriter
Umberto Carteni Think Cattleya Director
Kim Andreotti Think Cattleya Director Of Photography
Martino Benvenuti Think Cattleya Executive Producer
Marta Mangiucca Think Cattleya Producer

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Because in a world where beer is probably one of the most advertised products, we managed to stand out and connect with the audience in an original way, very related to Creative Team Why is this work relevant for Entertainment? the tone of voice the brand usually employs in their communication. The reaction to the videos was immediately positive, as they applauded the originality, the humour and how insightful the campaign was, not to mention they happened to find them very entertaining.


SITUATION: Ubrew is a small open brewery where "you brew" your own beer. However, they're located at The Bermondsey Beer Mile, in London, "a loose amalgamation of brewery bars and bottle shops, located along a stretch of railway arch that's closer to two miles long nowadays" ( This meant that our USP faded away within such a big competition. Besides that, we also had to fight against the global big beer brands, which annually spend millions in their advertising campaigns. BRIEF & OBJECTIVES: Increasing Ubrew's visibility and awareness, making it clear to the audience that Ubrew was not like the other breweries, as you could not only go there for a beer, but also brew your own one. This would eventullay lead to the achievement of our main objective, which was to increase

Describe the creative idea

In order to accomplish our objectives, we launched the Ubrew's Beer Heroes campaign. It was a very ambitious project divided into three different phases: Search: We started an insane digital quest for the anonymous "beer heroes" that inhabit social media (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook...) Identification: After a hardworking year, we managed to find some of them. Glorification: Once we had them, we had to honor them, so we launched some "mockumentaries" to know more about their heroism when saving the beer. But not only that, we paid them the best tribute Ubrew could ever pay, we brought them to London and invited them to brew their own beer... and eventually launched a limited edition based on their deed.

Describe the strategy

TARGET AUDIENCE: Ubrew's audience love beer. No matter their age, their gender, their social classes... Someone who takes the trouble of moving around London to visit the Beer Mile, just to go for a pint, must neccessarily love beer. Not to mention those who wouldn't care to go through the mess and the complexity that brewing your own beer entail. APPROACH: So, with such a devoted audience, our strategy was pretty obvious. We thought about the use of celebrities, as it always works out when increasing visibility. But not any celebrity, it must be someone that loved the beer as much as our target, someone with the same insane passion for it (up to the point of risking their life to save the beer). And that's how we thought about the beer heroes's approach.

Describe the execution

The Beer Heroes campaign was structured at different levels. We'll focus on the non- fiction audiovisuals films here though. Once we found the Beer Heroes, we wanted to go beyond. We decided to tell their story, as people always wanna know their heroes in deep. So we shot these videos, in a mockumentary style, in which they talked a bit about themselves, but especially about their heroic actions. In the videos you can also find clips in which people talk about them (family, doctors, friends, fans). They also talke about what it means to be chosen as a beer hero by Ubrew, etc. All the content lead to the climax, the moment where they're taken to London, to brew their own beer and launch the limited edition honoring them.

Describe the outcome

More than 250 user generated beer labels. More than 500K views in the first 48 hours. More than 2 million impressions (ando counting). 3 anonymous beer heroes became brewers and beer influencers. Membership requests increased +350% after the first week.