Category B01. Talent: Film, Series & Audio
Entrant LLYC Madrid, SPAIN
Idea Creation LLYC Madrid, SPAIN
Name Company Position
David Gonzalez Natal LLYC Senior Director of the Consumer Engagement area
Julio Alonso Caballero LLYC Senior consultant
Andrea Múñoz LLYC Consultant
Pablo Hernández de Urrutia LLYC Consultant
Asier Sannio LLYC Senior consultant
Luis Calvo LLYC Senior consultant
Ana Folgueira LLYC Executive Manager of the Creative Studio area
Pilar Medrano LLYC Producer
Oscar Moya BBVA Communication
Ana Redondo BBVA Communication

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

This project is based on a ‘simple’ reflection: chocolate is associated with emotions and memories and it’s fundamental in many people’s lives. However, 17% of global population has a distorted sense of taste. Conveying the reality of this collective and identifying potential solutions were this project’s main goals (aligned with BBVA’s purpose of “Creating Opportunities”). This documentary is an adventure into the unknown, a challenge in which innovation and creativity of BBVA and its ambassador Jordi Roca are at the service of people who are struggling. This piece proves that companies can create entertaining, quality content to portray brand commitment.


The economic crisis that shook Spain in 2008 was a turning point for the reputation of financial institutions. Since then, banks have been viewed as structures lacking in solidarity and cold, detached from the social reality they operate in. After this, in 2017 the bank BBVA redefined its corporate purpose as “Creating opportunities”, which outlines the bank’s commitments to make the opportunities of a new era available to everyone. Inspired by this purpose and aligned with the sponsorship strategy of the bank with the Roca Brothers (chefs at the three-Michelin-starred restaurant El Celler de Can Roca), BBVA challenged us to develop an emblematic idea that could embody its brand purpose within a context of creativity, technology and a spirit of overcoming problems at a global level.

Describe the creative idea

Nearly 17% of the population is affected by permanent alterations in taste. 17% is equivalent to 1.27 billion people. The absence of social awareness about these ailments causes a feeling of isolation, depression and a lack of understanding, resulting in major life changes. Very few people understand this until they experience it. As part of the “Creating Opportunities” initiative, BBVA and Jordi Roca (the World’s Best Pastry Chef) have created El sentido del cacao (The Sense of Cocoa), the first experience aimed at making it possible for a group of people with alterations in taste to once again savor something as important as chocolate, at least for a moment. . The project, embodied in a 20-minute brand film, is about a groundbreaking research initiative based on key aspects of neuroscience and sensory management to develop the first non-invasive sensory stimulation method that uses memories to restore a “lost” sense.

Describe the strategy

The communication objectives focussed on positioning the bank in relation to its target audiences as a facilitator in the creation of opportunity. Through the selection of a relatively small social group that suffers from this disorder, we aimed to communicate a concept and a tension in life that went beyond them and was applicable to the rest of society. El sentido del cacao (The Sense of Cocoa) is an entertaining, easy and credible way of adding value to a financial institution’s brand mission. The project makes it possible to generate curiosity about the topic covered in the documentary as well as about the bank and its strategic alliance with one of the best restaurants in the world.

Describe the execution

This is the first experience designed in order for a group of people with taste disorders to recover their sense of taste through chocolate and thus highlight, in public opinion, the situation of hundreds of millions of people internationally who suffer from dysgeusia. We arranged institutional partnerships with eight public and private scientific bodies in order to create a multidisciplinary team and make the initiative more visible. Alongside them, we embarked on a year-long qualitative research project based on neuroscience and sensory management. All of this data was provided to Jordi Roca, with whom we designed customised desserts and a multi-sensory experience that enabled, each participant, to once again taste “their” ideal chocolate. We created an informative website for the project (that hosted the documentary). We created a limited-edition charity line of chocolates inspired by the stories and disorders of the participants and sold them in order to continue researching.

Describe the outcome

In Spain, the news was covered in 30 of BBVA’s tier1 media, including the nation’s five most watched TV channels. Globally, the story was covered in more than 30 countries (f. e. TheTimes, TheNewYorkTimes, O Globo, El Comercio or AlJazeera) At the core of the project lies an issue that few people are aware of, so it does not receive the necessary attention. The documentary became a symbol for everyone with this disorder. Thousands of comments on social media thanked BBVA and Jordi Roca for making this project possible. More than 30 letters to Celler de Can Roca from people with this ailment to express their appreciation: “You cannot imagine what this project has meant to me. Thanks to you, whenever I feel like crying because I am unable to taste, I will smile instead.” The solidary chocolates ran out in less than 48 hours.