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Calum Smeaton TVSquared CEO

Why is this work relevant for Innovation?

TVSquared’s approach to TV attribution allows it to deliver unparalleled scale and precision across both linear and digital TV. Whether brands are running video-on-demand (VOD) and over-the-top (OTT) spots or a broader linear (viewed at the time of broadcast) campaign, TVSquared measures TV’s impact on the upper and lower funnel, informing in-flight and future optimisation, while proving campaign performance regardless of the delivery channel. Providing a single, unified platform that measures impressions, reach and outcomes across both linear and digital, TVSquared empowers advertisers to measure and optimise TV anywhere in the world.


The evolution of TV has caused confusion within the industry. Savvy advertisers want to connect with engaged audiences, but they also need to prove their media dollars are spent effectively so that business goals are achieved. While linear TV consumption may be seeing a decline, viewers are turning to streaming and digital channels; meaning overall time spent interacting with TV is higher than ever. TVSquared has mirrored this change, shifting the conversation about TV measurement to performance regardless of delivery channel and distribution. Impressions and performance are the new currency. To reach all types of consumers advertisers need distribution avenues that are comprehensive yet flexible. This is why TVSquared has taken a unified approach – to leverage the data scale and coverage inherent in our existing industry-leading attribution platform and supplement it with impression-based measurement to enrich the insight it provides to advertisers.

Describe the idea

The provision of one platform to measure ALL TV ad attribution – whatever the delivery channel – is revolutionary for brands, agencies and networks. By providing transparency across linear and digital, the platform enables both the buy-side and sell-side to optimise and evaluate across devices and to reach consumers throughout all audience groups. Regarding TV as both a linear and a digital platform is fast becoming the new normal. The marketplace is shifting towards developing a transparent, accountable, and more measurable ecosystem. A new era for campaign optimisation is on the horizon, with industry stakeholders calling for a dynamic and forward-thinking approach: performance-driven TV attribution. TVSquared’s ADvantage made linear TV a performance-marketing channel for more than 1,000 advertisers and agencies in 70 countries. To continue this industry-leading innovation, the platform needed to develop further to deliver accurate, real-time analytics across both linear and digital TV.

What were the key dates in the development process?

● 30 June 2018 – 1 January 2019 – Research and development to extend TVSquared’s existing linear measurement capability began. ● 1 December – 30 April 2019 – Testing and proof of concepts carried out end of 2018 and continued early 2019. ● 2 May 2019 – TVSquared’s Advanced TV Unified solution was launched to existing and new clients.

Describe the innovation / technology

Today, the term “TV” encompasses much more than linear – it spans multiple forms of video content across multiple devices. With fragmentation comes silos – which have plagued the advertising industry for decades – and talk of linear vs. digital TV has dominated the headlines. But fragmentation brings opportunities for advertisers to reach different audiences, amplify their message and drive sales and growth. TVSquared made this a reality by developing a single, unified platform that measures impressions, reach and outcomes across linear and digital TV anywhere in the world. With the largest dataset for TV measurement across linear and OTT, TVSquared empowers the advertising ecosystem to quantify TV’s impact, deliver meaningful insights and attribute response generated across TV everywhere. Within one platform, advertisers get global linear TV measurement (immediate and long-term impact), household-level TV attribution and 100% OTT ad measurement coverage. By taking data from multiple sources and combining different models, TVSquared delivers unparalleled data accuracy – from the overall brand impact of a campaign, down to the demographic breakdown of who is responding. Whatever the level of insight needed, and whatever the campaign size – from local

Describe the expectations / outcome

TVSquared’s unified approach, simplified TV attribution and optimisation has been well received for its ability to maximise performance across all forms of TV. Since May 2019, the world’s leading broadcasters and brands have used the platform, with current rollout at 41 clients – and growing daily. The growing adoption of OTT is also supported by TVSquared. Testing and learning to find the right TV mix is critical. For example, CPMs from different OTT publishers can vary by up to 60%, though a higher CPM does not necessarily mean higher response rates – which can vary up to 5x between different OTT providers. The cost for OTT is also higher than linear from a CPM perspective, but it pays off as the initial response rate is also greater. Utilising a unified attribution solution for those advanced TV buys, advertisers could expect those response rates to triple as OTT campaigns are optimised.