Name Company Position
Emmanuel François-Eugène Hungry and Foolish Creative Director
Stephane Le Frapper Hungry and Foolish Copywriter
Quentin Delachaux Hungry and Foolish Art Director

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

This entry demonstrates how story-doing beats traditional story-telling (actions speak louder than words!) when a whole range of different channels are consistently put into motion. Special attention was put on their phasing in order to stand out during one of the busiest periods of time in France - the French Open in Roland-Garros – and ultimately to surprise and delight tennis lovers while strengthening the BNP Paribas brand.


BNP Paribas is the most important sponsors of tennis at the global level for over 40 years. Beyond just “badging” tennis tournaments, the bank is truly committed to play an active role in how tennis will develop in the future and ensure it will positively impact the fans and more precisely the younger generations. BNP Paris briefed us on two communication objectives: #1 – Make a splash during the French Open and more particularly on the day of Final. #2 – Develop a 360° communication campaign in order to promote this operation. Through this communication, BNP Paribas wanted to address two major stakes: - Raise its voice and create excitement amongst the largest audience possible during the French Open in order to valorize its partnership with French Tennis Federation. - Communicate in a very engaging way (vs. purely corporate) on their commitment to younger generations through tennis. Budget was €200K.

Describe the creative idea

Catching the eyeballs of the public and the attention of the media during the French Open tournament is a daunting challenge. In order to stand out, we created a communication platform inspired by a major information: at the end of the tournament, the mythical Court N° 1 was planned to be destroyed within the framework of the renovation work that will impact the entire venue. Could such an amazing piece of history disappear just like this, destroyed by bulldozers? Of course not! Hence, we created the Collection Court N°1, featuring over 1000 collectors’ items manufactured from recycled parts coming from the famous court which were sold for the benefit of Yannick Noah’s association which helps the integration of young people via tennis. Chairs recycled from the stands, tarpaulins transformed into bags, hourglasses filled with clay: all products were sold out within 48 hours! When history builds the future, magic happens.

Describe the strategy

Target Audience > Tennis lovers > Spectators 1 Create a communication stream that will unfold over time rather than just an isolated splash on the day of the Final. In order to unleash its full potential, our event had to gain momentum as early as possible and support a bigger overarching story. 2 Ideate a concept that was a genuine “premiere” in order to win the battle for grabbing people’s attention. It was pivotal to generate relevant content from day one till the Final and to achieve a coherent build-up, each new message enriching the previous one. 3 Capitalize on an historically significant news: the destruction of the mythical Court N°1 right after the end of the French Open 2019. A truly unique opportunity to own this historical moment as BNP Paris had the opportunity to be the very last one to “perform” on this court on June 9.

Describe the execution

Though the major event was scheduled on June 9, on the day of the Men’s Final, the campaign already started on May 25 when the Collection Court N°1 was officially presented. From that moment on, general public was invited to visit the BNP Paribas website dedicated to Tennis,, to preorder their object of choice. 4 different items were available: chairs recycled from stands, bags or pouches recycled from tarpaulins and hourglasses filled with court clay. 1,200 items in total were produced: 200 chairs, 200 bags, 300 pouches and 50 hourglasses. The day after the Men’s Final was played, 3 SMEs in charge of the production were able to get hold of the raw materials in order to start manufacturing the goods and then deliver them to their happy buyers.

List the results

#1 : The collection generated massive interest amongst general public Each object of the collection has been sold out 48h after the sales opening #2 : 110 media fallout / 73 Millions contacts There were more than 110 media fallout in digital, press and TV including live broadcast featuring BNP Paribas’ spokespersons. Over 73 million contacts were generated during the tournament. #3 : 30% traffic increase on the BNP Paris website dedicated to tennis vs. 2018. #4 : 1st brand mentioned on social networks during the Roland-Garros tournament BNP Paribas was the undisputed leading brand across social networks during the entire tournament, outperforming all other official partners. #5 : €30,000 donation collected for the Fête le Mur association #6 : An internal massive sense of pride amongst BNP Paribas employees and definitely helped to communicate BNP Paribas’s commitment to young generations of tennis.