Product/ServiceMOBILE BANK
Idea Creation SOLID DOGMA Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Name Company Position
Ana Castanho Solid Dogma Copywriter
Ana Castanho Solid Dogma Copywriter
Pedro Pires Solid Dogma Creative Director
Pedro Pires Solid Dogma Creative Director
Diogo Potes Solid Dogma Head of Design
Diogo Potes Solid Dogma Head of Design
David Cabrita Solid Dogma Graphic Designer
Hugo Dias Solid Dogma Graphic Designer
Pedro Sousa Solid Dogma Graphic Designer
Joana Neves Solid Dogma Account Director

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

Banco Credito Agricola is a bank with more than 100 years. We launched it's digital only sub-brand: Moey, an already created naming and branding. We did that by creating a concept and a campaign that defied every traditional banking proposals and communication/language, starting from a Digital point a view that stretched to Outdoor, Print/Press and Radio, with such an impact that recently the highest entity on the banking sector (the ruler/Banco de Portugal) told us to tone a notch done on the campaign (a kind of a covert intimidation move, that didn't change much on our approach anyway).


Crédito Agrícola Bank (CA) is a traditional bank with now more than 100 year. In a time where the neobanking formats and platforms are emerging as powerful – and way simpler – players, CA decided it was time to introduce a sub-brand in the Portuguese market, tackling the neobanking premises: a 100% mobile bank leveraging on no hassle or maintenance fees, dedicated to a digital native generation. The bank created the naming and brand itself, “moey!”, leaving us the challenge to pick it all up and introduce, position and make this sub-brand cut through the classic banking echoes that are present in a post-economical-crisis country. That is why…

Describe the creative idea

To totally clash with the traditional banking discourses, exposing and defying the paternalist figures, “trust-worthy” campaigns and all the clichés of the banking sphere. Because both our brand and our millennial/gen-z target want to clean-cut with all these spheres. For that, we intervened on the typical bank stock images and distort/defaced them with a guerrilla spirit, manifested in a visually irreverent campaign where we elevated the brand’s already made elements as a tool to reinforce the “trashing” manifestations. From posters to digital native videos (no TV at all), radio and , to create maximum notoriety and impact on the launch. So, “O banco nada a ver” (the “nothing like a bank, bank”) is a clear defying of the classic standards and positionings.

Describe the strategy

Banks are boring/fake when communicating. But in the age of apps, Moey is the 1st mobile-only digital bank in Portugal - we needed to state that and what separates them from others. So we did. We defined a strategy that stated our target should be the traditional banking imagery: the stuff that makes banks so "the same" and distant from reality. For that, we created the “Nada a ver” concept – that roughly translates to “nothing to do with what you know” – and a claim – “If your bank tells you nothing, change for the nothing to do bank”. But first, we had to overcome the strangeness of the naming and how to verbalize it. And we started there, with teaser films. The “traditional-bank attack” then followed, with a global campaign that uses traditional image bank images and graphically defaces them to the point of mocking them.

Describe the execution

after the teaser fase in August/during the summer, then in September we had Posters, Outdoors, Press, Digital Films and Radio all over, all putting in check the traditional banking jargon and proposals. Showing with a clear sense of humor that with Moey is totally different. It worked so well that the campaign was forbidden. The National Bank demanded explanations and we had to rewrite some of the stuff -- not really changing anything, but it was a kind of a covert intimidation move. And now it´s up again everywhere.

List the results

The impact was big. So big, we had the highest entity of banking (the regulator “Banco de Portugal”) asking us to tone a notch down on the campaign, as soon as it was released. The Impact is still being measured.