Entrant HOK-ELANTO Helsinki, FINLAND
Media Placement CARAT Helsinki, FINLAND
Additional Company SOK MEDIA Helsinki, FINLAND
Additional Company 2 S-GROUP Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Jyrki Poutiainen TBWA\Helsinki Chief Creative Director
Lauri Gran TBWA\Helsinki Copywriter
Sami Kelahaara TBWA\Helsinki Art Director
Carl-Erik Mosander TBWA\Helsinki Art Director
Taneli Mattelmäki TBWA\Helsinki Client Service Director
Nina Immonen TBWA\Helsinki Account Manager
Hanna Karlson TBWA\Helsinki Graphic Designer
Anna Lahikainen TBWA\Helsinki Graphic Designer
Ville Rutanen TBWA\Helsinki Graphic Designer
Martta Kallio TBWA\Helsinki Copywriter
Joni Furstenborg TBWA\Helsinki Associate Creative Director
Joonas Vähäkallio TBWA\Helsinki Designer
Tuomas Ahola HOK-Elanto Director, Communication and Marketing
Ari Talso HOK-Elanto Director, S-market Chain, HOK-Elanto
Ari Rantanen HOK-Elanto Director
Teija Järvinen SOK Media Head of Marketing Operations
Susanna Gustavson SOK Media Head of Marketing Science and Metrics
Annikki Rosander SOK Media Producer
Veli-Pekka Ojamaa Carat Finland Strategic Planner
Juha Halmesvaara Carat Finland Media Innovations Director
Kaisa Rissanen Carat Finland Account Manager
Terhi Vaalavuo SOK Media Head of Digital
Janne Lehtinen SOK Media Head of Marketing Strategy
Lauri Toivonen SOK Media SVP, Marketing

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

The campaign used a spread of different media to drive our key message, that S-market is Finland’s largest organic supermarket. Both the message and creative idea were the same in every media used, with variations made to best suit the chosen media.


S-market is Finland’s largest supermarket chain and sells the more organic products than any other chain in Finland. Organic products are usually promoted using the same old promises of additive free products using rustic and natural images. Our approach was something completely different in the traditional category. Our brief was to tell consumers that S-market’s selection of organic products is the largest in Finland. Our goal was to raise both the trial and sales of organic products as well as to profile S-market as the first destination for everything organic.

Describe the creative idea

The idea was to spread our simple message in a creative way. Our approach was simple, try to fit all of S-markets products into our ads, breaking the rules of traditional media advertising. This had us simply listing products one after the other with no regards to the limitations of the media spaces we were in. This resulted in TV commercials that spilled over the next ad, full page print ads that continued our list on following pages, hijacking homepages, taking over walls in central Helsinki and posters in outdoor spaces that simply didn’t fit the frames.

Describe the strategy

Our target audience were younger urbanites who had previously tried organic products but didn’t buy them frequently. The media plan was traditional but the execution was far from it. The simple idea was implemented in every space we could get our hands on. The tone of voice and visual identity were a lightyear away from traditional organic ads and tied the campaign to the store. Our goal was to differentiate S-market from the competition in every way possible.

Describe the execution

The campaign went live in the winter/spring of 2019. Placements were in the greater metropolitan area of Helsinki, on TV, online and in the largest newspaper in Finland.

List the results

Sales results: ----- - Organic product sales increased during the campaign +30% and have stayed on +21% level ever since. - The amount of customers buying organic products increased +15% - The amount of weekly visiting customers increased +3,1% Image results: ------ On top of the sales and customers penetration increases image metrics skyrocketed. - Campaign awareness was 3x higher than average because of special placements. - In total 47% of people linked organic products to S-market (only 1-3% of people linked organic products to competing brands such as Lidl or K-supermarket). - Quality related attributes increased significantly. (Versatile +8 points, Quality assortment +12 points, Client centric +7 points, Assortments fits my needs + 15%)