Product/ServiceMONEY HEIST
Idea Creation 2 HEIMAT ACTIVE Berlin, GERMANY
Media Placement WAVEMAKER Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Media Placement 2 KINETIC Munich, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Flo Hoffmann heimat active GmbH Managing Director
Alexander Stauss heimat active GmbH Chief Creative Officer
Justin Pettit heimat active GmbH Creative Director
Gustavo Sato heimat active GmbH Senior Art Director
Theresa Wlokka heimat active GmbH Senior Copywriter
Aaron Mccammon heimat active GmbH Content Creator
Melina Bollinger heimat active GmbH Art Director
Livia von der Heide heimat active GmbH Social Media Director
Viktoria Zielinski heimat active GmbH Account Director

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

The series Money Heist by Netflix is a show with a strong fanbase in Germany and throughout the world. To connect with all of our fanbase we utilized different touch-points and at the same time surprised the community by using non traditional communication. Via Social media, Digital, OOH, Print, Activation and Guerrilla stunts we created a campaign that reached out to the fans and at the same time grabbed their attention where they least expected it.


'Money Heist' (Spanish: La casa de papel) is a Spanish heist crime drama series streamed on NETFLIX. The initial plan was to tell the story in two parts. In April 2018 NETFLIX released the second part with a closed end. However, the immense success of the series and the sympathy for its protagonists (The gang) led to a sequel and release of season 3 on July, 19th on the streaming platform. The task was to promote the new season 3 and tell the fanbase 'The gang is back' with the objective to make one of the biggest shows of 2018 even bigger in 2019.

Describe the creative idea

In the first two seasons of Money Heist the gang is lead by the Professor. He is known for his strategy of smoke and mirrors, always causing chaos and confusion of what will happen next. In the creative idea we picked up on this element of the show and played with the anticipation of the fans of what was to come in season 3. We used what fans hate the most as our tool to confuse and create chaos: Spoilers. Actual and fictional spoilers of season 3 which were based off of real fan-theories were spread throughout the campaign. A mix of traditional and non traditional communication was used to throw people off and create chaos and confusion of what was to come in the new season. All of which was communicated under the line "READY FOR CHAOS?".

Describe the strategy

What's the worst thing for fans of series, especially a highly anticipated one such as Netflix 'Money Heist'? Spoilers. We jumped on this insight and used it as our strategy. We monitored the fan theories and rumours around the show and its characters. Resulting in a campaign of chaos and confusion just the way the main protagoist of the show (the Professor) would have done it.

Describe the execution

The launched date of the series was July, 19th 2019. The campaign timeline went from 11. July - 04. August. We kicked of the campaign with WANTED ads in Germany's biggest newspapers SUEDDEUTSCHE and FAZ. We communicated the contradicting spoilers via a vast OOH campaign that ranged from large scale blow-ups to billboards, street posters and DOOH. A media takeover that could hardly be missed. What more secure place to look for criminals than at the Frankfurt Airport, where we placed wanted posters and surprised the fans via an activation custom made for the baggage claims. Additional Guerilia stunts and Social Media content extended the confusion and chaos of the campaign even further.

List the results

The campaign achieved a reach of 300,000,000. 293,984,365 came of OOH placements. On Social Media we counted: 353,000 likes 6,100 comments 360,000 interactions