Category D05. Special Build
Product/ServiceTHE LION KING
Entrant HAVAS Madrid, SPAIN
Idea Creation HAVAS Madrid, SPAIN
Media Placement HAVAS MEDIA Madrid, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Jesús Lada Havas Chief Creative Officer
Antonio Simón Havas Creative Director
Gonzalo Téllez Havas Creative Director
Montse López Havas Art Director
Cristina Valle HAVAS Art Director
Natalia Parra Havas Copywriter
Mónica Casado Havas Art Director
Elsa Sánchez Havas Account Director
Carmen Díaz de Bustamante Havas Account Executive
Raquel Pérez Navas Havas Production Manager
Alba Somoza Havas Agency Producer
Cesar Manzanera Havas Social Media
José Xeng Havas Social Media
Elizabeth Wilhelm Havas Social Media

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The Spanish bull is considered to be the "king of beasts". Historically and culturally, the bull holds a special place in Spain’s incredible wildlife. The Osborne bull is Spain’s most emblematic image. There are 91 billboards on roads and highways across the country. Their importance is such that Congress gave them a pardon from legislation effectively banning roadside advertising. Until now, there was no other billboard like it on Spanish roads. The campaign took its inspiration from the Spanish Toro Bravo since in Spain it is considered the "king of beasts”. However, the lion is considered to be the king of the jungle and, as the film’s central message proclaims: "He has returned to take his rightful place". By replacing the bull with the lion, we sent out a very powerful and direct message to the public: the lion is the new king of beasts in Spain