2019 Print & Publishing


Bronze eurobest Award

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Product/ServiceKK MAGAZINE
Category B02. Innovative Use of Print
Idea Creation TRY REKLAME Oslo, NORWAY
Media Placement TRY OPT Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Caroline Riis TRY Oslo Copywriter
Eirik Sørensen TRY Oslo Art Director
Kristina Skogen Tangeraas TRY Oslo Consultant
Kathrine Røst Nilsen Aller Strategic Advisor
Andreas Roel Vevle TRY APT Producer
Kim Jensen TRY APT Sound Designer
Rebecka Taule TRY APT Motion Designer
Robin Krüger TRY RÅD Advisor
Syver Lauritzen TRY APT 3D Artist
Frode Ekeberg TRY APT 3D Artist
Marianne Eskeland TRY Oslo Producer
Terje Johnsen TRY Oslo Graphic Designer
Anne Birgitte Nesse TRY Oslo Designer
Aliaa Neolle Hamza TRY RÅD PR Advisor
Linda Søraa KK Art Director
Ingeborg Helldal KK Editor in Chief
Stine Therese Strand KK Editor

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Norway is world leading when it comes to melanoma (skin cancer) - and almost 90% of the cases are connected to UV radiation. Due to the amount of cold and dark winter months, Norwegians tend to rush out into the sun as soon as it appears – and we stay in the sun until it disappears again. Because the sun is “weaker” than in warmer countries, we don’t think to take the proper sun protection precautions. To remind Norwegian women about the importance of protecting their skin, we needed to reach them when they needed the reminder the most - in the sun. KK, Norway's biggest women's magazine, teamed up with Cancer Society and created a special summer edition: The Cancer Cover. The magazine where the cover model develops skin cancer when it lies unprotected in the sun. The cover was supported by an ad on page 2 and 3.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any text.

The message on the cover: Why it's important to protect your skin in the sun Headline inside the magazine: The cover of this magazine has an important message Body copy: To remind you how important it is to protect your skin this summer, the cover of this magazine is printed with an ink that responds to UV rays. If the magazine is left unprotected in the sun, the cover model will apparently develop melanoma. Every day a person in Norway dies og melanoma. Up to 90 percent of the cases are related to UV radiation. The upside is that you can reduce the risk with the proper precautions. Here are five simple tips 1. Limit your time in the sun - avoid getting sunburned 2. Use clothing and shade as protection 3. Use sunscreen with a minimum factor of 15 4. Stay away from solariums 5. See a doctor if you are unsure of a new or changing mole Take good care of your skin this summer. kreftforeningen.no/solvett (The Cancer Society sun protection website)

Explain how the work innovatively used the print / publishing medium.

KK, Norway's biggest women's magazine, we replaced their July edition with a special sun edition. By printing the cover with a special UV sensitive ink, the cover model develops skin cancer when left unprotected in the sun. As soon as the sun hits the mole on the model's arm, it starts to grow and change shape - turning into malignent melanoma. We masked the message as an article headline, reading «Why it’s important to protect yourself in the sun”. The message got a whole new meaning when the mole changed in the sun, and an arrow appeared as an direct link between the message and the mole. When opening the magazine, the readers were immediately exposed to an ad giving more information about the dangers of melanoma and how it easily can be prevented.