Product/ServiceBULLDOG BEER
Category B02. Publications and Brand Collateral
Idea Creation JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Post Production JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Per Holmquist Jung Relations Creative / AD
Daniel Åhlman Jung Relations Copywriter
Tobias Leander Gotlands Brewery Client
Martin Ödman Jung Relations Project manager
Charlotte Wennström Jung Relations Designer


Gotlands Brewery had a range of craft beers, but no new releases at the time. The brand had a good reputation and trustworthy when it comes to craft beer. The problem was more about being a bit boring anonymous and not coming up with any news for some time. Our task was to: - Create something to talk about - Get the target group to see the whole range of Bulldog beers that already exists. - Create likability and make Bulldog seem like a fun and innovative small brewery. - Increase preference for the whole Bulldog range of beers. - Do something for the costumers (bars and restaurants that sell Bulldog beer)

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Unlike most beers, the Bulldogs aren’t made for rowdy sportsbar gettogethers or doing the graveyard shift on the dancefloor. Bulldog is a more quiet and reflecting, yet sociable, character. One could probably call it ”the board game type”. And for hundreds – even thousands – of years, people has gathered around board games. Preferably in the company of a good drink. So, we turned the Bulldog coasters into game boards and let peanuts and chili nuts become game pieces. Bulldog Coaster Games were placed at selected Pubs and sold through a web shop, offering pub-goers and homestayers five classic board games to enjoy in the company of friends and beer.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

The Bulldog Coaster Games was handed out to pubs and restaurants. We also sold the Coaster Games through a webshop to make it available for even more people. To get people to the webshop, and at the same time create likability and personality for the brand, we made a short SoMe-ad about the Coaster Games. We also provided media with pressrelease and images. By creating Coaster Games we could actually get the medias attention without having a new product (beer) to talk about witch is actually extremely rare.

List the results (20% of vote)

- The first batch of Coaster Games sold out in two weeks. - The respons from pus and restaurants was great. We had to provide them with more games. - After the Coaster Games campaign Bulldog is the best performing brand at Spendrups (Spendrups i one of the largest beverage manufacturers in Sweden) - Gotlands Brewery is now having a hard time keeping up the production with the sales. - The earned media reach was 800 000 (without releasing a new product!)