Category E01. Food / Drink
Entrant VOSKHOD Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA
Idea Creation VOSKHOD Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Vladislav Derevyannikh Voskhod Design Director
Alexey Klimov Voskhod Art Director
Maxim Geichenko Voskhod Motion Designer


Uralskaya farming company launched Seven Brothers, a new milk brand. The task was to create packaging for this new product line for regional market entrance. One of the challenges was to develop a unique packaging design for a can of condensed milk. The design of condensed milk (Russia’s most popular dairy product) was created in 1939 in the USSR and hasn’t changed since that. The audience is blind towards any alternations of the design. All brands (including international ones) are forced to copy the pattern instead of developing and promoting their own, simply because there’s risk that consumers will ignore their product.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Seven Brothers, the name of the milk brand, is a mountain group situated on the territory where Uralskaya factory is located. According to the legends, Seven Brothers rocks are pagan giants that turned into stone; it is a local Stonehenge. The Shigir Idol, the world’s oldest known wooden anthropomorphous sculpture, was found on this territory as well. The idol is eleven thousand years old. The place is a natural treasure and a famous source of wild power and pure inspiration. The naming Seven Brothers reflects the brand values: respect towards the history and legends of the region, fascination by the natural blessings.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

The brand’s location-specific naming inspired the team to use the image of the Shigir Idol as a part of the visual system. Originally, idols appeared to form the spiritual bond between humans and gods. The concept was used to re-interpret the legend about seven brothers; they were illustrated through images of the idols. All characters of the concept have their specific differentiating features and colour, and are customized according to the kind of a dairy product within the product line. The concept allows original product layout in the shops and supermarkets. When arranged next to each other, the items with Seven Brothers packaging create an image of a mountain ridge, just like the one that inspired the creative idea. It is an effective approach to product layout, unique to the industry tradition.

List the results (20% of vote)

The brand launched successfully in early January 2021. Sales of milk spiked and topped the planned numbers by 14%. That result lead to Uralskaya factory expanding their product line. 4 new dairy products are to be launched in May 2021. The packaging attracted additional attention to the Seven Brothers mountains, which boosted tourism within the region and interest towards the history of the place. The team created a unique font typeface that was inspired by constructivism motives. The packaging stands out against the background of the industry’s mass market traditions. For the first time in eighty years, the designing team managed to change the package design of a can of condensed milk while preserving the brand’s unique graphic system.