Category F01. Consumer Products
Idea Creation ENVISION Aarhus, DENMARK
Production ENVISION Aarhus, DENMARK
Production 2 M2FILM Århus, DENMARK
Production 3 GORM AGENCY Frederiksberg, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Rasmus Saaby Bentzen Envision Creative
Peter Boe Envision Creative
Tomas Olesen Envision Planner
Jesper Herholt Envision Designer
Jacob Jagd Engberg Envision Creative
Charlotte Scheel Envision Project Manager
Casper Lind Envision Shooting Director
Bjarke Hvorslev Envision Editor
Rasmus Pilgaard M2 Film Director
Morten Lund hummel Marketing Manager
Jonas Skovborg Johansen hummel Marketing Project Manager


After a year of empty stadiums, Denmark was going to the UEFA EURO 2020 and Danish sports brand hummel wanted to create the ultimate jersey for the team and fans. A jersey that: 1. Celebrated the strong sense of community in football. 2. Became a must-have for all fans of the Denmark team. 3. Achieved all of the above through an idea designed to earn media. The sense of community in football, and sports in general, is an integral part of the hummel brand as stated in the payoff: "Share The Game". At the same time, a new official Denmark jersey holds extremely high sales potential and especially so when the team is going to a huge tournament. In short, the job was twofold: Strengthen hummel's position as the social sports brand using the EURO 2020 as leverage. And make the most of a unique sales potential.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Standing united, singing your heart out, is the essence of being a football fan – just like sharing and togetherness is the essence of the hummel brand. So, the idea was to find a way of transforming this moment of unity among football fans into strong jersey design. We didn't just want the fans to co-create the jersey. We wanted them to sing the jersey! And make the jersey an image of their support and devotion to the team.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

One of the last times, pre-corona, fans filled the Danish national stadium in Copenhagen, we turned it into a massive recording studio and captured the roar of 35,000 fans singing together. Afterwards, we converted the sound of togetherness into a unique sound wave and then into red fabric – very much like a 3D printer of emotions. And created a jersey with the echo of fans in every single fibre. At the same time, sections of the sound wave were adapted as design elements on the jersey in the shape of fine, yet dynamic stripes – hinting to the underlying story of a jersey created by the sound of 35,000 dedicated fans.

List the results (20% of vote)

hummel powerfully cemented the position as the social sports brand that celebrates the great community of sport. The fans, on the other hand, got to leave their mark on the official shirt – and buy a unique jersey which is also a statement t-shirt about the invaluable importance of their support. Furthermore, the new jersey was the story of the day in Danish television and various social media. And not least, the shirt made record sales for a new Denmark jersey. Sales: 163% – compared to record sales in 2018 (FIFA World Cup-jersey)