Category A02. Rebrand / Refresh of an existing Brand
Entrant OKTO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation OKTO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Nick Christiansen OKTO Creative Director & Copywriter
Richard Hedberg OKTO Designer
Sebastian Elmblad OKTO Planner
Sara Hed OKTO Project Lead
Ellinor Ekström OKTO Art Director
Linnéa Björkman OKTO Project Lead
Carl Nordling OKTO Client Director
Berfin Mert Bower COO
Suwar Mert Bower CEO
Adam Lindfors Bower Illustrator / Product Designer
Madeleine Gedda Bower Customer Success Manager
Simon Asp Bower UX Designer


Bower is a Swedish startup, with an app that lets you recycle any packaging or container, not just PET bottles and aluminium cans, and get rewarded for it. Just scan the container, using the app, and drop it at your recycling station and you’re good. They have previously launched in Sweden under the name PantaPå (translates from Swedish as something like "Go recycle and get rewarded"). Recycling and climate change is a global problem, but PantaPå as a name and a brand needed to be updated to fit a global market. To help them make their recycling movement go global we developed a new brand platform, brand name and visual identity.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

The new brand is built upon the aim to make recycling a part of everyday life, something that has positive connotations and counteracts the gloom and doom usually associated with topics like recycling and climate change. How do we make recycling feel contemporary and fun, even in markets that are less mature when it comes to recycling? How do we make it work both for the coupon chasers, the climate activists and everyone in-between? And how do we make it work from the smallest badge to the largest billboard, from the digital space to the physical world? We got inspired by the Australian bird Bowerbird that collects and sorts trash at its nest. Say hi to Bower.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

We had to take Bower from a small startup to a lovable brand with global potential. It had to be simple enough to fit on the smallest product label, but expressive enough to capture an audience on a billboard, both in the physical and the digital space. It had to stand out in a cluttered digital world and catch your interest in a busy everyday life. We based name and identity on the Bowerbird who collects and sorts objects in order to attract mates. We complimented that with a flexible and expressive identity with a friendly touch and a naively optimistic view of the world.

List the results (20% of vote)

From rebrand to date, Bower has entered three new markets and begun partnerships with over 40 brands (an increase of 400% compared to before the rebrand), ranging from global brands like Hellmann's, Kraft Heinz, Wella and Nespresso, to numerous market specific brands. That's almost one new partnership a week, growing the Bower brand as well as making recycling attractive for more consumers. Since the rebrand, they have also increased the number of app users with 150%, increased monthly scans with 1300%, going from 2 million recycled packages prior to the rebrand to over 17 million recycled packages in total, and increased the user engagement rate with 370%.