Category A02. Rebrand / Refresh of an existing Brand
Idea Creation SCHOLZ & VOLKMER Wiesbaden, GERMANY
Production SCHOLZ & VOLKMER Wiesbaden, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Vanessa Mikoleit Scholz & Volkmer Creative Direction
Nils Metternich Scholz & Volkmer Account Management
Katharina Schu Scholz & Volkmer Art Direction
Silvia Geier Scholz & Volkmer Junior Art Direction
Lea Perchermeier Scholz & Volkmer Senior Art Direction
Tim Sobzcak Scholz & Volkmer Text
Sandra Freudenreich Scholz & Volkmer Project Management
Sabine Erdmann Scholz & Volkmer Account Management


People value STIHL products primarily for their unbeatable robustness and power. But nowadays a simple infatuation with performance is no longer in keeping with the times.  STIHL has long been aware of its responsibility as the world market leader, has been developing more economical models for decades and is now increasingly turning to electric motors.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

The brand had shifted its focus away from engineering expertise and motor performance. This change needed reflected in the new design: "the feeling of nature" as leitmotif reflects what STIHL is all about - working with and in nature. The leitmotif unites the two opposing target groups: professionals & private customers and is understandable worldwide.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

The Logo has been aligned, the spacing has been increased slightly to make it clear and legible even when used for small and digital formats. The STIHL orange, which has its roots in working with nature, became the primary brand colour. The geometric, powerful typography of the new STIHL CONTRAFACE reflects the company’s self-image, which has always been characterized by the art of engineering. The emotional leitmotif – the feeling of nature – is particularly evident in the brand’s visual presentation. The images show authentic impressions of nature as the working and living environment. The overhaul of the company’s image also includes the development of a new, uniform brand language, which incorporates linguistic imagery from the spheres of nature and work. The design system were created to be used across all channels in to be used across all channels in order to ensure a uniform, contemporary look.

List the results (20% of vote)

Nature as the focus of the new STIHL brand design represents a communicative paradigm shift. Sustainably groundbreaking for the industry, clearly differentiating itself from the competition, relevant for the target groups and contemporary in the face of social change.The world market leader shows the way into the future: Nature is the partner and the basis of our life.