Category E01. Food / Drink
Name Company Position
Vera Zvereva Depot branding agency Creative Director
Anastasia Tretyakova Depot branding agency Associate Creative Director
Anastasia Tsyrkina Depot branding agency Art Director
Jane Struk Depot branding agency Creative Director
Pavel Kabanov Depot branding agency Designer
Raushan Sultanov Depot branding agency Creative Director
Evgenii Nikitin Depot branding agency Video motion
Anna Rozhnova Depot branding agency Project leader
Daria Vedernikova Depot branding agency Head of Communications
Alexey Andreev Depot branding agency CEO
Ksenia Parkhomenko Depot branding agency Executive Director


Butter is a unique product category in Russia. It embodies culture, national identity, values, tastes, experiences. It’s about uniting people and bringing common spirit to them. This was naturally driven from consumers, not from brands. In Russia consumer trends in food categories include strong trust to local producers, striving for goodness, interest to better life products and drive for various experiences. At the same time the total majority of butter brands are very traditional and even conservative. They have no unique idea and are all about natural ingredients and traditional recipes. The objectives were to develop a brandname and packaging design for a new range of Russian butter so that it would be relevant to the category and yet stand out in the market bringing a meaningful idea to people.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

«A toast always lands butter side down» - a winged phrase illustrating Murphy's Law states in its simplest form: If anything can go wrong, it will. However people in Russia are tired of predictable failures and sad news. They are craving for positive. Creating a new brand of Russian butter we decided to celebrate positive attitude. We named the brand «Butter side up» to break the pessimistic stereotype. Then we found a symbol of positive and resiliency – the tumbler doll (if you push it down it stands right up). It’s shape is typically Russian as local origin in crucial for the success in dairy category. We also added colorful patterns emphasize locality as well as show a variety of butter tastes.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

Butter is cut in rectangular pieces and wrapped in paper which is very traditional for Russia. The central element in the packaging design is the 3D model in a tumbler doll shape. The same shape is used in the logo instead of an «o» letter. To convey the tangible feeling of moving up the tumbler doll models are in different positions on the packages with various flavors. The brand is presented in 5 product types: traditional butter, basil flavored butter, chilly pepper butter, butter with herbs and a vegan variant. For each taste a special colorful pattern of the tumbler doll was designed. The patterns were inspired by the traditional Russian folk handcraft and give a hint on the flavor. A small piece of the main ingredient was placed as a playful wisp to bring even more positive emotions as well as to make the taste clear for the consumers.

List the results (20% of vote)

The brand was just launched. But we can already see its success in the local market as well as a huge potential for sales. Several Russian retail chains became interested in having the brand on their shelves. They even offer special terms of placement for standing out in the category with extraordinary flavors and bright modern packaging design. However the greatest value of «Butter side up» is in creating a positive wave in people’s mood and also bringing to life a fresh approach to traditional Russian products, conveying the powerful Russian culture to young people.