Product/ServicePREMIUM WATER
Category E01. Food / Drink
Name Company Position
Anastasia Tretyakova Depot branding agency Creative Director
Raushan Sultanov Depot branding agency Creative Director
Jane Struk Depot branding agency Creative Director
Anna Burlakina Depot branding agency Designer
Stas Neretin Depot branding agency Designer
Pavel Kabanov Depot branding agency Designer
Irina Zavtoni Depot branding agency Clients Director
Daria Vedernikova Depot branding agency Head of Communications
Alexey Andreev Depot branding agency CEO
Ksenia Parkhomenko Depot branding agency Executive Director


In Uzbekistan most people don’t drink alcohol. So they can’t give a good bottle of whiskey or wine when it comes to presents and congratulations. But they can present a bottle of water with gold instead. Presents come together with wishing happiness and a long life, which is the most desired wish in Uzbekistan. The objective was to create a brand name and packaging design for water with gold to be a meaningful and premium present.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Presents come together with wishing happiness and a long life. In Uzbekistan there’s a legend about the underground spring guarded by a golden dragon. Its water contains flakes of gold and the one who drinks it obtains eternal youth. We took this legend as a brand story for premium water with gold.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

We named the brand Ocard which is a reversed Draco. We created a unique glass bottle covered with «the dragon scales». And there’s almost nothing on it: just the logo with the dragon eye in the «o» and the medallion with the dragon.

List the results (20% of vote)

The brand has been launched in Uzbekistan. It is conquering the hearts of people in Tashkent by outdoor advertising. The brand just started to be sold in Uzbekistan. But we can already see its success in the local market as well as a huge potential for sales in Russia. Several Russian retail chains became interested in having Blanc Bleu on their shelves. In business conversations with possible European partners the brand was marked as an elegant premium solution. This already shows that the brief objective was reached.